Miho Nakayama: Behind the “drastic change” of blonde hair and shorts, her future with “boyfriend 10 years younger than her with green hair” attracts attention | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miho Nakayama: Behind the “drastic change” of blonde hair and shorts, her future with “boyfriend 10 years younger than her with green hair” attracts attention

A "lovesick woman" who was just scooped on New Year's Day is going on tour with full of happiness and goodwill before her 40th anniversary.

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Nakayama when this magazine interviewed him directly in ’19. In the interview at that time, he answered about his new girlfriend and plans to remarry, “I’m sorry! I don’t have one (laughs).” …… (February 15, ’19 issue)

Miho Nakayama, who turned 54 years old, became a hot topic on the Internet for her “drastic change” as she appeared on a TV program with blonde hair and became a trending topic. Nakayama is believed to be in the midst of a passionate love affair with a “new lover 10 years younger than herself.

On March 26, Nakayama appeared on the variety TV show “Celebrity Ratings Check BASIC” with long blonde hair. She also showed off her beautiful legs in a pair of mini black shorts, which became a big hit with viewers, and the word “Miho Nakayama” started trending on X (formerly Twitter). The word ‘Miho Nakayama’ started trending on Twitter. Various comments such as “She looks good with blond hair,” “I didn’t recognize her at all,” and “I can’t believe she is 54 years old” were written, and the “drastic change” caused a great sensation.

Nakayama, who has been making his presence felt on the Internet for quite some time, was actually scooped by “Sankei Sports” on New Year’s Day of this year about his serious relationship with Yuki Nagata (44), bassist of the club jazz band “JABBERLOOP.

Nagata is also a member of Nakayama’s touring band. According to the paper, Nakayama is a fan of “JABBERLOOP,” and the friendship began through a mutual friend, and he has been serving as the bandmaster, a summarizing role in Nakayama’s band, since ’22. It is believed that his relationship with Nagata deepened during his first national tour in about 24 years, which took place last year.

On New Year’s Day this year, there was a succession of other love affairs and marriages, such as that between Kazuya Kamenashi of KAT-TUN and Minami Tanaka, TBS announcer Shinichiro Azumi and a former female celebrity, and Ryoko Hirosue and popular chef Shusaku Toba, so it seems that Nakayama and Nagata’s relationship is not that much of a hot topic, but in fact, it is a very noteworthy and hot story. However, in fact, we think it is a hot topic that deserves attention.

Nakayama married musician and novelist Hitonari Tsuji in June 2002, and their love flared up so much that they moved to Paris. They had their first child, a son, in January 2004, but divorced in July 2002, with Tsuji retaining custody of their son. Immediately after that, it was reported that she was dating musician Keiichiro Shibuya, but their relationship broke up in December ’15. In February 19, this magazine reported a late-night date with Anis, a vocalist of the rock band Monoral and half Japanese and half Moroccan.

Nakayama appeared on “SMAP x SMAP” (Fuji TV) in January 2004, shortly after his breakup with Shibuya, and revealed his feelings, saying, “Breaking up is very hard,” and “I’ve had enough of relationships. If Nakayama is in love with Nagata, it is safe to assume that he is very serious.

It is reported that on January 5 of this year, immediately after the news report, when Nakayama was asked by the press at a press conference for a stage performance of “Saiyuki,” whether his relationship with Nagata was going well, he replied with a big smile, though silently, so we interpret his infatuation as a fact.

Nagata is known as a talented musician who, after making his major debut with “JABBERLOOP” in ’07, has been active in various bands, working on movie theme songs and supporting many artists. Visually, her trademark is her long, impactful hair dyed green, which she uploads on SNS.

Nakayama and Nagata posted the same photo on Instagram and X after Nakayama’s Christmas concert last December. Nakayama and Nagata posed next to each other with bouncy smiles on their faces, and the contrast between their “close proximity” and the contrast between Nakayama’s blond hair and Nagata’s green hair really stood out.

Nakayama had posted a blonde shot on Instagram a little earlier. Nakayama had posted a blonde shot on Instagram just a few days earlier, and some people believe that Nagata’s green hair may have had a strong influence on his bold change in hair color. Perhaps he is that infatuated with her.

Nakayama will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his debut next year, and it is highly likely that he and Nagata will become even closer. Nakayama will hold a full-fledged national tour from April 7 to June 21 in 19 cities across Japan, and he will spend time with Nagata everywhere he goes.

Nakayama actually seems to be in a good mood before the tour, and in an interview published in “Sports Nippon” on March 24, which served as PR for the tour, he revealed that he is “getting stronger and stronger” and “basically stress-free now” about his feelings after turning 50 years old. He also said that last year’s tour was a turning point for him to work hard, and he even said, 《I have never been so happy,》 that he was able to perform well on stage.

Nakayama is said to be passionate about the person he falls in love with, so it is not surprising that he would make a “big move” on the occasion of his 40th anniversary. And since he will be touring the country with the person he is passionately in love with, it would not be surprising if he makes a “big move” on his 40th anniversary. We are keeping a close eye on her as we believe there is a possibility that she will decide to remarry in the near future.

Nakayama’s future will be interesting to watch, as he continues to shine brightly in both his personal and professional life.

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A date scene with Anis of the rock band MONORAL. They went out from Nakayama’s house to a neighborhood jazz bar and drank for about five hours (February 15, ’19 issue).
At the time, Nakayama commented in a direct interview with this magazine that he and Anis were “really friends” (Feb. 15, ’19 issue).
With musician Keiichiro Shibuya, with whom she had been dating after her divorce from Hitonari Tsuji. Around this time, they were frequently seen together (May 15, ’15 issue).
Last year’s Christmas Eve concert (from Miho Nakayama’s Instagram @_miho_nakayama_)
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