Background of the “surprise surprise marriage in January next year” between Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Background of the “surprise surprise marriage in January next year” between Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao.

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Although we have not heard anything about their recent relationship, ……

While the “collapse crisis” of Johnny’s s office is becoming clearer due to the sexual assault issue, there are whispers of a possible “big surprise”. A “big surprise” may be in the offing.

It all started when the September 7 issue of “Shukan Jitsuwa” reported that Matsumoto and Inoue, who are in a top-secret relationship, are planning to get married in January next year. Johnny’s has given the go-ahead to stop the marriage because of this crisis…” The article has been spreading on the Internet, raising expectations among fans. This story is not necessarily true,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

The two are said to have started dating after co-starring in the October 2005 serial drama “Boys Over Flowers” (TBS). However, the reality of their love affair was shrouded in a veil, and the report in “FRIDAY” in 2002 of a secret meeting at a yakiniku restaurant was one of the few articles that caught their eye as evidence.

In December ’16, “Shukan Bunshun” reported an alleged affair between Matsumoto and a sexy actress, and there were fears of a rift. In December 2009, Matsumoto was asked by Nakai on “Masahiro Nakai’s Friday Smile Tatsu” (TBS) if he intended to get married, to which he replied, “No, I don’t think so. However, it is a fact that a number of “backgrounds” have emerged to suggest that the theory of a surprise marriage in January of next year is a realistic scenario.

Johnny’s held a press conference on September 7 to announce the appointment of Noriyuki Higashiyama as the new president. However, the rejection has not stopped since then, as several companies have decided to forgo commercial contracts with the talent. In the midst of this situation, there is a proposal to appoint Matsumoto to the management team as an ultra C-like measure to revamp the company’s image.

Some people around Johnny’s are calling for Matsumoto, a member of the nationally popular “Arashi” group, to join the management team in order to change the atmosphere of the company at once. Matsumoto has a proven track record of uniting talents, such as being in charge of the overall direction of the office’s major events,” said a reporter for a women’s magazine.

How does this link to the marriage theory?

It is reported that “Mary Kitagawa (died in 2009), the vice president of Johnny’s, who had dictatorial power over the company for many years, had a tight grip on the company and would not easily approve of love affairs or marriages between the talent, putting pressure on the other side. However, if Matsumoto married at the same time that he took the management side, it would be the strongest appeal that the office has been changed to an “open” office in order to break such bad practices and renew the organization. In fact, it is said that the new organization will adopt a policy of not interfering in marriages, and if Matsumoto himself enters the goal line, this will be confirmed, making the surprise information with Inoue a reality.

Matsumoto is currently starring in the historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu” (NHK). Although it is considered illegal for a star of a major drama series to get married or divorced during the drama’s broadcast, this “restriction” will be lifted in December, when the final episode is scheduled to air. In addition, he just turned 40 years old on August 30.

This year, Matsumoto has been concentrating all his energy on the Taiga River. At this point in time, no major “post-Taiga” work has been announced. Therefore, it would not be surprising if he turns 40 years old and starts to focus on his personal life as early as December, when he finishes the Taiga. It is possible that she will marry Inoue.

Inoue, on the other hand, also seems to be in a state of “limbo. He starred in the drama series “Million Times I Wish I Told You” (TBS) in the January season of this year, but as of mid-September, no notable appearances have been announced.

Some have suggested that Inoue may have entered a “waiting for marriage” mode, waiting for Matsumoto to finish the drama. Inoue’s 37th birthday is January 9 next year. Considering the timing of the end of the Taiga, the beginning of the new year would certainly be the perfect time for Inoue to enter the marriage registry.

Johnny’s is scheduled to announce its new organization on October 2. If they do not make a bold change in their image, the survival of the company itself will be at stake.

Johnny’s seems to be thinking of draining out the pus by the end of the year and changing the mood from the beginning of the year. Matsumoto and Inoue fell in love in 2005, and if their relationship is still going on, it has been 18 years, but both have never commented on it. If the two were to tie the knot at the beginning of the new year, it would be a cause for great celebration and the best symbol of the reform of the office. Although the premise is that they are still in a relationship, we have to keep a close eye on whether they will make a surprise wedding announcement around January next year.

(A sports paper reporter mentioned above.) So far, Kazunari Ninomiya, Sho Sakurai, and Masaki Aiba have gotten married in the Arashi group. It would not be surprising if Matsumoto were to get himself married at any time. Along with the climax of the big drama, Matsumoto’s public and private life is also attracting attention.

Around 10:30 a.m., Inoue went out fully armed, wearing glasses and a mask (and later a hat). While being wary of his surroundings, he picked up a cab and headed for a high-class yakiniku restaurant with private rooms.
About two hours after the restaurant closed, Inoue was ushered out of the restaurant from the employee service entrance. He got into a cab that was waiting for him and left.
About five minutes after Inoue came out, Matsumoto also came out from the service entrance. Behind him was Toma Ikuta.
Matsumoto and Ikuta. Ikuta co-starred with Matsumoto and Inoue in “Boys Over Flowers 2
On location for the January 2010 drama “My Neighbor’s Chikara”. Sonin is on the right.
Inoue played Takeru Sato’s lover in “Million Times I Wish I Told You” (TBS) in the January 2011 season, his first starring role in a commercial drama in five years.
  • PHOTO. Makoto Kuwata (secret meeting), Shinji Sakamoto (Matsujun location), Yusuke Kondo (Inoue location)

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