Koki & Helena Alesi Goto & Sumire “Too many beautiful Second generation performing together”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Koki & Helena Alesi Goto & Sumire “Too many beautiful Second generation performing together”.

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Kōki’s debut as an actress with the release of her first movie

Kōki, who attended “Bulgari Aurora Awards”. She wowed the audience with a dress that boldly showed off her shoulders and chest.
Kōki, smiling. At the event, she said, “I want to be a strong, beautiful, and gentle woman who shines brightly.

In 2009, I was blessed with the opportunity to appear in a movie with a wonderful staff and a team full of talent, and the experience was like a treasure for me.

So says model Kōki, 18, daughter of Takuya Kimura (49) and Shizuka Kudo (51). She attended the “Bvlgari Aurora Awards 2021” held on December 15, 2009. A reporter from a sports newspaper told us.

In 2009, Kōki was filming her debut movie as an actress and her first starring role in “Cow’s Head Village. The film is directed by Takashi Shimizu, the master of horror films who also directed “Ju-On. It is scheduled to be released in February this year.

The event was also attended by model Elena Alessi Goto (25), daughter of Kumiko Goto (47), and Sumire (31), daughter of Junichi Ishida (67). Coincidentally, the “second generation beauties”, whose parents are both entertainers and celebrities, were all in attendance.

Elena Alessi Goto took the stage in a pink dress with an open bust. She also wore Bvlgari jewelry.

Elena was caught up in the turmoil at the end of last year. In December 2009, her father, former F1 driver Jean Alesi (57), blew out the window of an acquaintance’s office with firecrackers, the local French media reported.

The local French media reported that Jean Alesi, 57, blew out the window of the office of an acquaintance with firecrackers. “Alesi’s incident is not a big deal in France. It’s a country of individualism, and it’s hard to imagine that it will affect his daughter, Elena,” said Yukinobu Shuzui, a journalist in France.

Elena will make her acting debut in the drama series “DCU” (TBS), which starts on January 16. Sumire announced the pregnancy of her first child in November ’21. She is expected to give birth this spring. Both of these muse’s have a lot ahead of them in 2010.

Last year, Sumire announced her pregnancy. Her father, Junichi, continues to cause a stir with reports of their separation, but she’s having none of it.

From “FRIDAY” January 21, 2022 issue

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