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Former TBS Announcer Minami Tanaka, Seconds to Marriage with Kazuya Kamenashi

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The two enjoying shopping together after the revelation of their love affair (February 1, ’13 issue)

The entertainment news is abuzz with reports of marriages and love affairs early on New Year’s Day. Among them, the relationship between former TBS announcer Minami Tanaka and Kazuya Kamenashi of “KAT-TUN” has become a major topic of conversation.


Toshio Ishikawa, an entertainment reporter on this site, reported their love affair on New Year’s Eve, albeit anonymously, and the two were quickly identified by name on social networking sites. The firm’s side admitted to the sports newspaper’s report, starting with the couple’s first names,


The two’s first names reminded us of Kazuya Uesugi and Minami Asakura, the main characters in the manga “Touch” (Shogakukan).

“They both have a high sense of beauty, so they’re perfect for each other.”

“I think it’s a good thing that they are getting married, since they are both of the right age.”

There were also many comments welcoming the marriage. However, Tanaka seems to be unable to help but remind people of her ex-boyfriend,

“I hope Kamenashi-kun won’t be one of Minami Tanaka’s ex-boyfriends.”

“I wonder if Kamenashi can stand Tanaka’s restraints and jealousy?”

Tanaka herself has mentioned her “ex-boyfriend” many times in the past.

In the “Santaro” series aired nationwide from September 1, 2023, Tanaka appeared as the devil’s wife in the “Manekatsu with devil’s wife” episode. In the interview video released after the shooting, Tanaka sits side by side with Masaki Suda, who plays the role of Oni-chan, and answers the question, “Is there anything that you keep putting off?” She answered the question,

“I think it’s marriage. I’ve been putting it off unintentionally.”


“I thought I would be able to get married someday, but I wish I had just given it a shot then.”



“Tanaka’s reference to “that time” seems to refer to her former lover Shingo Fujimori of Oriental Radio, who almost married Tanaka in the past. The social networking sites were flooded with comments on this video, such as, “Don’t pull this on me when no one is listening,” and “Fujimori being made into a story forever is annoying.””

“Since her encounter with Kamenashi was later than the shooting of this video, Tanaka may have finally been freed from the spell of her ex-boyfriend,” said a source from an entertainment agency.

Marriage was unintentionally postponed because she did not pimp out with her ex-boyfriend. With Kamenashi, it seems that they will firmly move toward the goal of marriage.

The two coming out of Minami Tanaka’s apartment (November 16, ’12 issue)
Tanaka entering Fujimori’s apartment (November 16, ’12 issue)
Fujimori enters his apartment following Tanaka (November 16, ’12 issue)
The two enjoying shopping together after their love affair was revealed (February 1, ’13 issue)
Minami Tanaka during the filming of the drama “Even If You Don’t Do It” (Fuji Television Network) (May 26, ’23).
Minami enjoyed a three-hour yakiniku dinner. After leaving the restaurant, she was politely treated so as not to get wet in the rain as she drove home (October ’23).
Minami Tanaka, dressed modestly in a cute yakiniku dinner (October ’23).
Kazuya Kamenashi at the opening ceremony of “Tokyo International Film Festival 2023” on October 23, 2023.
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