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Ryoko Hirosue’s Independence From Her Past Support Agency Threatens Her Career

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Hirosue announced her independence. From now on, she will be working with her own private agency.

“I am writing to inform you that Ryoko Hirosue will be leaving our company as of February 16, 2024. (Omitted) After discussing with Ryoko Hirosue about her future, we have reached this conclusion based on mutual agreement and respect for her wishes.”

Actress Ryoko Hirosue (43), who has been on indefinite hiatus since her double affair scandal with Michelin-starred chef Shusaku Toba (45) was reported in last June’s issue of Weekly Bunshun, has announced her departure from the talent agency she has been with for 26 years. Following her departure, she plans to resume her acting career by establishing her own agency, ‘R.H Co., Ltd.,’ where she will serve as the representative. A sports newspaper entertainment desk explains the series of events.


“While not as large in scale as major talent agencies, ‘R.H Co., Ltd.’ boasts a roster of distinctive actresses and talents such as Michiko Kichise (48), Erika Toda (35), Kasumi Arimura (31), and Minami Tanaka (37), who are actively involved in a wide range of activities including movies, dramas, stage performances, and commercials. This is all thanks to the leadership of President Yoshihisa Inoue. Hirosue has been a close collaborator with Inoue since her debut, and during past troubles or scandals, the entire agency, led by President Inoue, has been dedicated to supporting her.”

The agency that Hirosue originally belonged to is renowned within the industry for its excellent management skills. Movie insiders share a glimpse of that episode.

“Even during the intense public backlash against Erika Karata (26) following the revelation of her affair with actor Masahiro Higashide (36), the agency stood by her, assisting with agency tasks and continuously exploring the path to her return. They prioritize trust and relationships with their talent above all else. So, it was only natural for the agency to take a stance in supporting Hirosue amidst this recent affair scandal.”

However, what led Hirosue to choose independence from her mentor, Mr. Inoue? What exactly lies behind this decision?

A source in the entertainment industry gave the inside story.

“Following the revelation of the double affair with Mr. Toba, Hirosue was placed on indefinite suspension by the agency, FLaM, due to concerns about damage to their reputation with clients and talent, and in an effort to prompt her to reflect on her actions. However, instead of showing remorse, Hirosue expressed distrust towards the agency, stating that she had ‘harbored various suspicions.’ This led to a rift between them.

Furthermore, amidst the announcement of her divorce from Candle Jun (50) and reports of remarriage with Mr. Toba, their relationship deteriorated further. While it’s believed that Hirosue herself paid the compensation, the agency found the situation untenable, leading to her departure.”



After receiving dedicated support for a quarter of a century from her foster parents, Hirosue’s decision to become independent raises the question of whether there is still a place for her in the entertainment industry. A representative from a major advertising agency offers an analysis of her future prospects.

“Despite winning the Best Mother Award two years ago, Hirosue’s image has been tarnished by the affair scandal, making it highly unlikely for her to pursue roles as a mother figure or mommy influencer. With her independence from the agency, it’s also unlikely that she’ll receive support from various sources or be hired by clients, making job offers realistically scarce. While she has expressed a willingness to continue acting even in small roles, the current strict compliance standards in theater make the future daunting.”

In response to the affair scandal, Hirosue issued an apology statement at the time, expressing remorse for tarnishing the acting career she once admired and for causing pain to Mr. Toba’s family. She stated her intention to reflect on her life moving forward. What fate awaits her as she walks this difficult path?

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