Ryoko Hirosue’s Husband Candle Jun Heats Up “W Affair” with Ryoko Hirosue, and Becomes a Doldrums with the Uncovering of His Own Scandal. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue’s Husband Candle Jun Heats Up “W Affair” with Ryoko Hirosue, and Becomes a Doldrums with the Uncovering of His Own Scandal.

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Candle Jun, who held a “homemade” press conference, including the reception desk by herself.

Ryoko Hirosue’s (42) W-affair affair seems to be getting bogged down, with talk of “suing the office” and “claiming compensation for damages”.

Considering the public reaction to the recent affair reports, it would seem that the affair would not have dragged on so long if it had ended with the first “Bunshun-bomb” followed by a second “no-holds-barred” bombardment.

However, the reality of Hirosue’s past infidelity was revealed in Candle Jun’s (49) “furious” confession. The media was unable to ease up on their coverage of the story as new revelations emerged, including a direct phone call from Hirosue himself to a “Bunshun” reporter, in which he exploded with dissatisfaction with the agency.

As for Mr. Candle’s press conference, I do not recall any case in which the wife or husband of an actor or TV personality who has been found to be having an affair has held a press conference, even if they have spoken a word or two in response to a direct interview by a reporter or journalist. Candle is one of those rare cases.

He did everything by himself, from setting up the venue to the reception desk, and his talk session-like press conference, in which he brought reporters up on stage for a question-and-answer session, was generally well received on the Internet,

He has a sense of responsibility. He was well received on the Internet.
He puts his family first.
He is trying to protect his wife.

He tries to protect his wife,” and so on.

However, on the other hand, there were many who questioned whether he was really trying to protect his wife, Hirosue.

One industry insider in particular commented

“That press conference did not benefit Hirosue in any way.

In the beginning, Mr. Candle said that he was not going to give a speech to Hirosue.

At the beginning of his speech, Mr. Candle said of Hirosue, “My wife, Ryoko Hirosue, grew up.

My wife, Ryoko Hirosue, has never abandoned our child. She is a good wife to me, and above all, the best mother to my children, and the hardest-working and nicest woman in my family and extended family.”

However, it was Mr. Candle himself who once said that his eldest son was taking care of the younger children, and it seems strange to assert that a woman who has repeatedly committed adultery is a good wife and mother. Furthermore, many people may have noticed that he seems to be lifting up Hirosue, but in fact he is putting her down quite a bit.

According to Mr. Candle, she usually does not wear makeup or perfume, but when she is under excessive pressure or encounters something absurd, she puts on heavy makeup, dresses flamboyantly, cannot sleep, contacts someone, and changes into a leopard.

Ryoko Hirosue and Mr. Candle are still going through a messy divorce drama.

In other words, she may have a mental disorder, and the series of affairs were not done when she was in a normal state of mind. So are you trying to say that she is not who she should be?

I was so surprised that he said, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

I couldn’t help but tsk tsk.

She also talked about Hirosue’s past infidelity, and the reports of past affairs, which had never gone beyond the realm of suspicion, had become indisputable facts. No matter how much she claims to be his wife, she is a member of the entertainment industry, where image is of the utmost importance. Is it right for her to disclose her privacy and mentality without permission?

As a result, the candle remark caused Hirosue’s reputation to plummet. A senior executive of a long-established entertainment company said, “I appreciate that he held the press conference, but there were many problems with it.

He has made numerous appearances in the media and is not a completely ordinary person, so it is inevitable that he would be asked to speak out about the affair in his capacity as a husband,” said an executive at a well-established entertainment company. It’s easier to hold a press conference than to answer every time he is asked directly by reporters in pieces. I think it was a good idea.

However, I wonder if it was a good idea to force through the press conference without notifying his wife and her office. Besides, he said something that he didn’t have to say, and some of the talent suffered. Their offices are furious.

And his statement reads as follows.

I can see that his anger toward Chef Shusaku Toba (45) is considerable, but in fact I sense that his anger toward his wife, Hirosue, is also considerable. On the surface, he seems to be using kind words to lift her up and defend her, but in reality, I feel that he is undermining her and perhaps wants to eliminate her from the entertainment industry. I can feel the anger toward her very clearly in that tone of voice.”

Candle had gained a lot of support at one point, but now a scandal has broken out. Weekly Women’s PRIME” reported on Mr. Candle’s alleged assault and adultery with a staff member, although it was in the past.

It is a common practice in the entertainment industry for affairs to lose interest over time, be forgotten, and the bashing of those involved gradually diminishes to the point that it is no longer necessary. If you want things to calm down, the best thing to do is to stay quiet and not say too much.

Mr. Candle talked too much. It’s fine if he’s not a dustbuster, but if he’s not, there will always be people who will try to beat him up. It will probably affect his work in the future.” (A wide range of people involved in the show)

On the Internet,

“You should break up with that morally harassing man as soon as possible.

Some people are beginning to defend Hirosue.

Wives who want to divorce and husbands who do not want to divorce. The W adultery scandal is entering its second stage…

  • Interview and text by Hiroyuki Sasaki (entertainment journalist) Hiroyuki Sasaki (entertainment journalist)

    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Hiroyuki Sasaki became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31, reporting numerous scoops during his time at FRIDAY and later working mainly for weekly magazines. Recently, he has been appearing on TV and radio as a commentator.

  • PHOTO Sota Shima (Mr. Candle), Kazuhiko Nakamura (Hirosue)

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