Kasumi Arimura and Takahashi of “Kimpuri” are turning 30 this February. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kasumi Arimura and Takahashi of “Kimpuri” are turning 30 this February.

A sense of "big move" is expected after "Reco Grand" is cancelled at the end of the year.

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Will the big couple make it to the finish line?

The December 19 issue of “Josei Seven” reported the serious relationship between actress Kasumi Arimura (30) and “King & Prince” member Kaito Takahashi (24), but since neither of their agencies denied it, the reaction to the “big love affair” has not subsided after a long time. The big couple had been dating for about three years and had never been in the public eye. At the end of this year, there are many people in the entertainment industry who believe that the two are “seconds away from the goal line.

The first “suspicious” move was Arimura’s appearance on the December 30 broadcast of “Shine! Japan Record Award” (TBS) on December 30. In recent years, it has been customary for a female hostess of the “Record Awards” to serve for two consecutive years, and it was believed that Arimura would be taking the role following her first hosting role last year. However, on December 4, it was announced that Haruna Kawaguchi would be this year’s host.

Some people involved in the entertainment industry were speculating that Arimura’s personal life may have been affected by a big move after the end of the year, such as a love affair or marriage, and that she may have avoided hosting Reco Grand because it would have affected her major role in the live broadcast. Although we cannot determine the causal relationship, the revelation of their passionate love made me think, ‘So that’s what it was all about. I think a marriage in the near future is possible.

In August 2001, this magazine reported on Arimura’s love affair with Keito Okamoto, who was then a member of “Hey! At the time, she made an apology, saying that she wanted to “push forward” with her acting career, and for about 10 years since then, she has ostensibly maintained a “no-scandal” policy. However, according to “Josei Seven,” Arimura began dating Takahashi, with whom she co-starred in the October 2008 drama series “Sis-chan no Koibito” (TBS), after the filming of the series.

In December 2006, Arimura told “Cinema Today” that her ideal age for marriage would be around 30. And on February 13 this year, she turned 30.

In November 2010, when it is said that they were already secretly in love, she appeared in “Suddenly, May I Tell Your Fortune? (Fuji TV), in which she was told by fortune teller Hitomi Hoshi that she would reach a turning point in her life at age 30, and she smiled meaningfully.

The 30-year-old will soon be over. The fact that their relationship, which they had put up an “iron-clad guard” to prevent it from being discovered, was leaked suggests that they may have shifted to a direction where it is acceptable for their relationship to be known, with marriage in mind.

In terms of work, the timing is also perfect. In mid-December, Arimura’s role in the NHK historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu,” in which she played the role of Sena, the wife of the main character Tokugawa Ieyasu, played by Matsumoto Jun, will come to an end. The only big role she is scheduled to play is in the Netflix drama “Sayonara no Tsugaru” (Sayonara no Tsugaru), a double-starring role with Kentaro Sakaguchi, which will be released next year.

Takahashi’s also said that it was difficult for him to get married at the old Johnny’s office, but now there is no pressure on the talents. On December 8, it was also announced that the new management company, STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, had been formed, and the confusion over the sexual assault issue had been resolved. We are trembling with fear that they could get married at any time after the end of the year,” (wide-show entertainment desk).

(A wide-show entertainment desk) In addition, there are whispers that Arimura’s 30th anniversary photo book, “sou.

It is reported that “Arimura is planning to release a photo book to express her gratitude to her fans, and that it will include words she has spun from her own thoughts and feelings. She will hold a photo exhibition of the book next March, and there is a strong sense that she intends to make this photo book a major milestone as well as a reminder that she is turning 30 years old.

Arimura’s 31st birthday is February 13, four days after the release of the photo book. There is a growing sense among the entertainment media that next to the year-end and New Year’s holidays, February of next year may be the time for a surprise wedding.

Erika Toda, a senior member of the same agency, made headlines when she suddenly announced her marriage to actor Tori Matsuzaka in December 2008, when she was 32 years old.

Arimura is naturally aware of the precedent set by Toda and others. It is highly likely that she will have opportunities to be interviewed by the press at events such as photo book release events. It will be interesting to see whether she and Takahashi will have reached the goal line by then, or whether she will make any comments about the possibility of such an event. Takahashi is also said to have a crush on Arimura, so it would not be surprising if there is a surprise at any time.

Takahashi is also scheduled to appear on a live TV program as “King & Prince” on New Year’s Eve, and his comments will also be watched closely. Will there be a happy announcement before the “milestone” in February 2012?

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Takahashi, who for some reason posed for a photo while waiting (continued)

It may have been for social networking. He was posing for the staff’s phone many times to take pictures (continued)
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In “My Sister’s Lover,” Arimura, who has been taking care of her three younger brothers by herself, falls in love with a young man played by Kento Hayashi.
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