Ryoko Hirosue’s “too pure smile” at her “first marriage and pregnancy press conference”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue’s “too pure smile” at her “first marriage and pregnancy press conference”.

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She said with a wry smile, “We call each other Ryoko, Takahiro-san.”

What did “FRIDAY” report 10, 20, and 30 years ago? In “Playback Friday,” we look back at the topics that made headlines back then. This time, we bring you the “Celebration of a marriage that ended in divorce: The truth about Ryoko Hirosue’s history with men that only this magazine knows” from the January 2, 2004 issue, 20 years ago.

On New Year’s Day this year, actress Ryoko Hirosue (43) was reported to have decided to marry chef Shusaku Toba (45), her partner in the W affair, within the year. If it comes true, it will be the third time, but the first time she announced her marriage was on December 15, 2003. This time, we would like to introduce an article that summarizes the situation at the time she announced her “marriage and pregnancy” at a press conference, as well as her past love history. (Descriptions in parentheses are taken from past articles.)

Playback! Unlike Hirosue, who was known for her “eccentricities.

“I can feel the movement of the fetus. Ryoko Hirosue (23) at the press conference answered a reporter’s question with her cheeks slightly reddening in embarrassment. The ring on her left ring finger, which she received about two years ago, glittered. There was a woman who had decided to become a wife and mother, not the Hirosue known for her “eccentricities.

The news of Hirosue’s marriage and pregnancy spread throughout Japan on December 13, 2003, two days before the press conference. At the curtain call of “Hiryuuden,” a stage play that ended in autumn in Osaka, Toshio Kakei, who co-starred with Hirosue, reported, “Hirosue-san is having a baby! He said, “Hirosue-san is having a baby! Hirosue admitted, “Everything is just as Mr. Kakei said.

At the press conference, which was attended by more than 200 reporters, Hirosue said the following about her partner, fashion model Takahiro Okazawa (28 at the time).

I was honestly happy when I found out I was pregnant. I recently noticed many things about Mr. Okazawa, such as his masculinity, strength, and kindness. Perhaps he is like my father.

As for her future entertainment activities, she said she would not retire, but would think about it again after the birth of her child.

This magazine has witnessed the two dating on several occasions. For example, one late afternoon in late April 2002, we found them at the front desk of a luxury hotel just before checking out. After enjoying dinner at a restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, they took a cab to a park and went for a friendly stroll. They played like a student couple, with Hirosue poking him on the back and him putting his hand on her shoulder.

However, in 1999, she was found to have been truanting from school at Waseda University, where she had entered, and in July 2001, her “eccentric behavior” was reported and she was called a “pouty” actress. In July 2001, her “eccentric behavior” was reported, and she was called a “pouty actress,” and some worried about her future.

However, after her love affair with Mr. Okazawa was scooped in 2001, she has not had a bad reputation since then, and her work has been going well. Looking at the aforementioned scene with Okazawa at the hotel, it was as if the old Hirosue had returned. Turning to an article in this magazine from that time, the scene is described as follows.

The love between Hirosue and Okazawa bore fruit in a spectacular way.

When asked how she was preparing for the birth of her child, Hirosue quietly replied, “It’s an irregular job, but I’m trying to create a rhythm in my own way.

The wedding and reception are scheduled for early in the new year. A slightly bashful and heavily pregnant Hirosue, who still has a childish look about her, is a throwback to her early days as a debutante.

After being at the top of the game since her debut as a teenager, Hirosue may have reached a kind of “limit. In an interview with “FRaU” in 2004, she said that she was convinced that she had gotten married because of a “marriage due to a birth defect,” and went on to say, “Once I had a fetish at that point in my life.

In an interview with “FRaU” in 2004, she said that she was convinced that her marriage was a mistake and continued, “If I had not faded out at that point, I would have broken down and I would not have continued my acting career. I think I would have been broken if I hadn’t faded out at that point, and I don’t think I would have been able to continue my acting career.

Her married life seemed to be smooth sailing, but she and Okazawa divorced in 2008. She then remarried to Candle Jun in 2010, but divorced last August after having a double affair with Toba last year. And now, the “second marriage” with Mr. Toba is reported. What kind of path will Hirosue take in the future?

In December ’03, Hiro-so held a press conference to announce his first marriage. He revealed that the ring shining on his left hand was given to him two and a half years ago.
A “park date” in April 2002, as witnessed by this magazine.
  • PHOTO Kaya Takeuchi (press conference), Fumimi Koyano (4th photo)

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