Scoop! With her two children…Takako Uehara’s “new life with a younger businessman with whom she is having an affair” discovered and photographed. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Scoop! With her two children…Takako Uehara’s “new life with a younger businessman with whom she is having an affair” discovered and photographed.

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Uehara (left) runs up to Mr. T’s Runkuru with his child in his arms when he came to pick her up from daycare. He was smiling naturally.

The nursery school, located in the center of Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, is known for its high awareness of the SDGs and its commitment to quality childcare.

Local star and “SPEED” member, Takako Uehara (40), has her eldest son and daughter enrolled at the preschool, and the sight of her picking up and dropping off her children in her Volkswagen has become a bit of a local topic of conversation. Occasionally, a handsome man resembling Toru Kazama comes to pick up Uehara’s children.

For example, on a sunny autumn evening, a black Rancru came near the school. As soon as Uehara received her child from the daycare center, she rushed there with a smile on her face, but the handsome man behind the wheel was neither her husband nor the children’s “father. An acquaintance of Uehara’s turned her head and said, “The handsome man was not her husband, but the father of her children.

The handsome man was not her husband, but a younger businessman named Mr. T. He was her lover. He is her lover.

What in the world is going on?

Uehara married Tenn of the hip-hop group ET-KING in ’12, but her husband committed suicide in ’14. About three years after the tragedy, “Josei Seven” published TENN’s suicide note, which revealed that the cause of the suicide was Uehara’s infidelity, causing a firestorm. The public bashed Uehara intensely, and she was almost banned from the public stage as an actress. She was saved by her husband, Mr. A, who was working as a stage director at the time” (producer, key station).

Mr. A cast Uehara in a play he was directing and took it upon himself to protect her from the public’s fierce bashing.

The couple married in 2006, and although Mr. A lost his job as a stage director and had to retire from show business, they were blessed with a son and daughter, and Uehara was supposed to have a happy family this time around.

A senior executive of an entertainment company said, “The tragedy began when she moved to Okinawa with her family in January of this year.

Uehara started a company to manage an esthetic salon and became its president. In June, Mr. A found out about the incident, and although Uehara admitted to being unfaithful, she was accused of violence by her husband, which led to a police action.

Uehara was not injured and no damage report was filed. However, her second affair became known to the media in early July, and when “Bunshun Online” and others reported it, even her husband Mr. A burst into flames, saying, “You saw that? One would have thought that Uehara would not make the same mistake and turn to her family this time, but she took an unexpected action.

She took her two children and left home, not telling Mrs. A where they were going, and started living in an apartment in the prefecture. Her lover, Mr. T, is backing her up in her new life.

This magazine flew to the area and witnessed the scene described at the beginning of this article, wondering how this could be possible.

What kind of new life is Uehara leading with her adulterous partner Mr. T? What did Uehara and Mr. A say to FRIDAY’s direct questioning? Details will be revealed in the October 27 issue of the magazine. The paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD” also published several photos.

These are two shots of Uehara and Mr. T, apparently taken in August of this year in Fukuoka, where he was traveling. As far as we can see, there is no child nearby.
With her current husband. Takako Uehara has been in the news for her love affairs many times (photo taken in ’17).
Takako Uehara, a woman with many lovers, with her lover, dancer AKIHIRO (photo taken in 2011).
A scene of Takako Uehara and Jin Akanishi in love (photo taken in ’05).
The two holding hands and looking at each other while waiting for a cab (photo taken in ’99)
Late night embrace scene just after leaving a restaurant/bar (shot in ’99)
Although some acquaintances were present at the bar late at night, the two were enjoying their own private world from start to finish (photo taken in ’99).
Uehara saying goodbye to an acquaintance just before getting into a cab (photo taken in ’99)

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