Dressed as a gal in mini-skirts, dating her ex-husband with their child…Yumi Adachi is astonished at her high school daughter’s remark– photos of her growth from a child actress. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dressed as a gal in mini-skirts, dating her ex-husband with their child…Yumi Adachi is astonished at her high school daughter’s remark– photos of her growth from a child actress.

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Adachi just after giving birth to her first child. Her style has not changed. May ’06

I actually have a daughter in high school.

Actress Yumi Adachi (41)’s comment is causing surprise.

The comment was made at the international short film festival “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2023” on June 7. Adachi plays the role of a mother with an adolescent daughter in the film “I SCREAM FEVER. In response to her casting, Tetsuya Bessho, who was hosting the event, said of her “high school daughter” comment, “Until recently, you know. I thought you were such a small child actor,” he said, rolling his eyes.

Adachi-san made her debut in the entertainment industry when she was two years old. Since then, she has appeared as a child actress in numerous commercials and dramas. What made her name famous was her starring role in the 1994 drama “Ienakako” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). Ms. Adachi’s line, “If you feel sorry for me, give me money,” in which she played a girl who suffers domestic violence, became a popular phrase at the time.

It was probably because of the strong impression she made as a child actress. The fact that his statement, “I have a daughter in high school,” was accepted with surprise. Recently, however, Mr. Adachi has been giving good performances appropriate for his age in dramas such as “On a Starry Night” (TV Asahi) and “Ooku” (NHK Sogo). In her private life, she married Jun Idoda of Speed Wagon in September 2005 (they divorced in January 2009), and they have a daughter in high school.

FRIDAY” has been focusing on Adachi’s growth from a child actress to an adult actress. She is seen as a gal in a miniskirt and on a date with divorced Idoda ……. We would like to introduce Adachi’s aura of full presence with these treasured photos.

Buying a childcare magazine at a bookstore

It was in May 2006 that I discovered Adachi, who maintained her unchanged style even after giving birth.

Adachi was walking around downtown Tokyo in a gyaru-style fashion, wearing a denim miniskirt and black boots. She was dressed young, and it was hard to believe that she was a mother who had given birth to her first child about a month earlier.

When Adachi entered the convenience store, she spent a long time in the cosmetics section looking at the products. After buying juice and snacks, she headed next door to the bookstore. She stood in line at the cash register with other customers and bought a childcare magazine.

In January 2009, Adachi and Idoda, who were supposed to be divorced, were seen on a date. The location was a children’s theme park in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Adachi and Idoda were together, along with their young daughter. Adachi and Idoda were playing with their daughter, kicking a big rubber ball. Mr. Idoda beckoned to his daughter, saying, ‘Come here,’ and showed her the various playground equipment.

Even though their marital relationship had come to an end, Adachi and Idoda seemed to be fulfilling their responsibilities as parents.

Adachi now has the air of a major actress. On the other hand, her cute charm from her days as a child actress remains unchanged.

May ’09 after the divorce. Adachi having dinner with Idoda
Adachi shopping with divorced Idoda in January ’09
January ’09, Adachi goes to a theme park in Yokohama City with her child.
Smiling at her own wedding party in November 2005.
Adachi (left) won the 1994 Ryukugo Award with the line, “If you feel sorry for me, give me money. He looks up at Ichiro, who also won the grand prize (PHOTO: Jiji Press).
She played the lead role of a prostitute in the movie “Hanayo Dochu” released in 2002.
At the launch of the drama in which she appeared in June ’15
In May ’06, he purchased a childcare magazine at a book exhibition
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