Princess Kako’s relationship reports and marriage is not expected “until Princess Eugene comes of age… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Princess Kako’s relationship reports and marriage is not expected “until Princess Eugene comes of age…

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Princess Kako is still reluctant to get married. A women’s magazine reported that they were dating, but…

The sudden appearance of a dating report came as a surprise to us, but it seems that they are not in a “passionate” relationship. They are just going to a dental clinic in the family home of a classmate, but we have not heard that they are in a relationship.

In early August, it was reported that Kako and Mr. A, a boy who was a classmate of Kako’s at Gakushuin Elementary School, were dating.

In early July, Kako visited a dental clinic in a residential area of Tokyo as a private guest and stayed there for two and a half hours, after which she emerged not from the clinic but from the residential entrance.

The family is all graduates of Gakushuin and has ties to Prince and Princess Akishino; Mr. A is a graduate of a famous private university’s dental department and is currently a member of the elite dental department of another university while helping out in the family business.

Mr. A, whose younger brother is also a dentist, is a sportsman who started playing ice hockey when he was in elementary school and participated in the national athletic meet when he was in high school. He also serves as the secretary of the Gakushuin alumni association, and is said to have an impeccable character and family background,” said a journalist in charge of the Imperial Household.

After the controversial marriage of her older sister, Mako, and Kei Komuro, which drew the public’s attention, it is inevitable that public attention will focus on Kako’s romance.

The Gakushuin has a strong parents’ association, and parents of classmates in particular often stay in touch with each other even after graduation. This report does not show her on a date with Ms. A. It is likely that she simply talked with her family after having dental work done.

Kako, who is said to be “too beautiful to be a PRINCESS PRINCESS,” has been the subject of several reports on her love life.

Several years ago, it was reported that Kako was dating the son of Koichiro Horiuchi, the fourth president of Fujikyu, a graduate of Gakushuin and a classmate of Mako’s. This relationship was also a family affair. He was also a candidate for the groom since they had a family relationship.

However, when Shukan Shincho later interviewed President Horiuchi and his wife directly about their son’s relationship with Princess Kako, they completely denied it, saying, “My son has never met [Princess Kako],” and the rumor disappeared.

The next report came from a man of the same generation who was studying abroad at the University of Leeds in the U.K. at the same time as Kako.

When Kako was studying abroad from September ’17 to June ’18, she reportedly grew close to a Japanese man who was visiting the U.K. at the same time and developed a relationship with him. He is a fresh, good-looking man with good style, and after graduating from university, he has been active in setting up an IT company. However, when Shukan Josei directly contacted the man, he denied the allegations, saying that they were untrue.

None of these men seem to be her true love, but Kako will be 28 years old this December, and Mako will be 25 and engaged. Considering that Mako’s engagement was arranged at the age of 25, it would not be surprising if she announced her marriage at any time. ……

Since this spring, Kako has taken over the presidency of the organization for which Mako served, and she is actively undertaking official duties not only in Tokyo but also in the provinces. Some say that the recent “rush” of official duties may be due to her impending marriage, but I think this is a bit unlikely.

I feel that he is pushing forward with his official duties for the sake of Prince Hisahito of Akishino, who is facing headwinds because of Mako’s marriage issue, and more importantly, for the sake of his younger brother Prince Hisahito of Akishino, who will eventually ascend to the throne.

Prince Hisahito of Akishino is still in his first year of high school, but I am sure he understands the current situation of the Akishino family, which has been rocked by the issue of Mako’s marriage.

Kako seems to think that she will not marry until Eugene, whom she adores very much, comes of age. If she marries and leaves the Imperial Family, there will be no one to support Eugene.

Even if his parents are present, it would be more reassuring for Eugene, who is in the midst of his adolescent years, to have an advisor who is close to his age. I do not think that Kako has a choice but to leave Prince Hisahito of Akishino alone in the current difficult situation of the Akishino family.

For the sake of the future Emperor, it seems that my sister will continue to struggle in the Imperial Family for some time to come.

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