Yumi Adachi, whose “acting career is booming,” reports her separation from her husband and taking her child out of the house and her shocking confession, and the concerned parties voice their concern. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yumi Adachi, whose “acting career is booming,” reports her separation from her husband and taking her child out of the house and her shocking confession, and the concerned parties voice their concern.

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Yumi Adachi, who is said to have “miraculous 40s” good looks and is a sought-after actress, has been in a state of full rotation as an actress, but there are concerns in the entertainment industry. ……

Yumi Adachi (42), who is in full swing as an actress, is causing some concern in the entertainment industry. She has been called a “miracle woman in her 40s” because of her beauty and youth, and her work has been going too well. However, following her “separation” from her husband, which was reported last year, she was recently suspected of “taking her children out” from her parents’ home. She even made a shocking confession on a TV program, expressing concern about her health.

Until now, Adachi’s two children have lived at home with their mother, 66-year-old TV personality Yuri Adachi, who took care of them. However, the October 17 issue of Shukan Josei (Weekly Woman) reported that Adachi suddenly took the children out of the house this summer.

According to the magazine, Adachi took the two children, the oldest son and the oldest daughter, saying that he was going on a trip, and instead of sending them back to his parents’ home, he cut off contact with Ariri. The magazine reported that the eldest son had already been transferred to an elementary school, and that “discord between the three generations of parents and children has arisen. Adachi probably has parental rights, but I wonder what happened to him.

Adachi married Jun Idoda, 50, of the comedy duo “Speed Wagon” in September 2005 and gave birth to their first child, a daughter, in April 2006, but they divorced in January 2009. In November ’14, she remarried to Tomoki Kuwashima, a photographer who worked on her photo book “Private Life” published the previous year. They had their second child, a son, in July 2004.

In May of last year, “Josei Seven” reported that Adachi and Kuwashima were “living separately” as their relationship had cooled.

At the time, Adachi’s office denied to some media that they were not getting along, but admitted that they were living separately due to work circumstances and other reasons, so their relationship may be unique. In any case, with all the reports about their home life, one wonders if they are doing okay. I wonder if he is doing all right.

Adachi revealed an outrageous episode of his own on the November 21 broadcast of the variety show “Suddenly, Can I Tell Your Fortune? (Fuji Television Network), a variety show that aired on November 21, Hoshi Hitomi, a fortune teller, looked at his palm readings and pointed out, “I sometimes have trouble controlling my emotions, and it’s getting stronger every year. When Hitomi Hoshi, a fortune teller, pointed out that ” You must have been in trouble about six months ago,” Adachi responded, “Yes. I was sick all the time, and I used to throw up for about 10 days. I was sick all the time and would throw up for about 10 days, he confessed.

I don’t know if it was stress ……, but I was worried about my health. In addition, when Hoshi told him that his future was in a mess and that he would be starting a new life by 2014, Adachi said, “I’m going to start again,” and “I’m going to make a fuss again,” as if he was hinting at something in his personal life. This has led to a variety of speculation.

Adachi got her break as a child actress in 1994 when she starred in the drama series “Ienakako” (Nippon Television). She has continued to be active since then and has been very busy as an actress in recent years.

In May of this year, she starred in a stage production of “Watako wa tsukure” for the first time in about 10 years. She has also appeared in a series of dramas this year alone, including “Stand Up Start” (Fuji TV) and “On a Starry Night” (TV Asahi) in the January season, “Dr. Chocolate” (NTV) in the April season, and “My Lawyer is a Handful” (Fuji TV), which is airing in the October season. He also appeared in the movie “Shunga Sensei,” in which he played an important role, which was just released in October, and his acting ability and looks are highly acclaimed…

In November 2009, she became independent from the major agency she belonged to and has been working as an independent actress. It is amazing that she has been able to create such a high-profile career on her own merits. However, following last year’s worrisome “estranged marriage” report, the mess over her child was written about, and she even confessed to a shocking “series of vomiting” incidents. People in the business world were concerned about Adachi’s mental and physical condition, asking, “Isn’t he too busy? Some people in the business world are concerned about Adachi’s mental and physical condition.

As a top actress, a mother of two children, and a wife in her 40s, Adachi is likely to continue to attract attention in the future.

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Adachi was walking around downtown in a gal-type fashion, wearing a denim mini-skirt and black boots. She looks very much like she did one month after giving birth to her first child (May ’06).
In fact, her husband, Idoda, was found to be having an affair immediately after the birth of their child in April. However, even at that time, she was still working as a mother, buying childcare magazines at a bookstore (May ’06).
In June ’06, she appeared in a recording session for “Soreike! Anpanman” (June ’06) at a postrecording studio. It was her first public appearance since the revelation of her affair with Mr. Itoda, but she was all smiles as she said, “I believe in Jun-san.
At the launch of the drama “Mother Game: The Class of Women” (TBS). She was dressed in a revealing outfit, but she was wearing a cloak to protect her exposed parts (July 3, ’15 issue).
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