Adamo-chan was kind to women…” Surprising! Names of “popular” male comedians who are overwhelmingly popular among female comedians | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Adamo-chan was kind to women…” Surprising! Names of “popular” male comedians who are overwhelmingly popular among female comedians

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Toshiro Shimazaki (middle) dressed as “Adamo-chan” (photo taken October 7, ’19, by Kyodo News)

In November 2011, following the public surprise of Isamu Iwai of “Halaichi” by his sudden marriage to 19-year-old celebrity Satsuki Okumori, “FRIDAY” scooped Sakiraku Inoue and Yu Hatanaka of “Oswald” in a romantic relationship. Both admitted their relationship in public, and many comedians congratulated them.

In the past, Tomonori Jinnai, Yuichi Kimura, and Jun Idoda of “Speedwagon” fame all made their goal with actresses in succession, but many of them later divorced,

In the past, many actresses such as Tomonori Jinnai, Yuichi Kimura, and Jun Idoda of “Speed Wagon” married actresses in quick succession, but many of them later divorced. There are couples such as Tomoharu Shoji and Miki Fujimoto of Shinagawa Shoji, Takashi Fujii and Otoha, and Gekidan Hito and Akane Osawa, and Hirohisa Ota and Chihiro Kondo of Jungle Pocket have made many two-shot appearances and are selling well together. They are also highly liked and often appear together in commercials,” says a broadcaster.

In the midst of all this, Shunsuke Ito of “Oswald” and Iwakura of “Frog Tei” have been the focus of attention due to reports of Hatanaka and Sakira Inoue’s love affair.

Mr. Ito was popular among female comedians for his “kindness. He must be accustomed to dealing with girls since he worked as a part-timer in a cabaret club for many years. I got the impression that his reputation was further enhanced by the fact that his partner was a female comedian.

So, the question is, who is the most popular male comedian among female comedians? In the past, Toshiro Shimazaki, aka “Adamo-chan,” who passed away suddenly the other day, was famous as a comedian who was popular among female entertainers, female TV announcers, and female staff members.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, when he was active, sexual harassment by male entertainers and comedians was common even among female announcers, but he was famous for his gentlemanly behavior.

He always tried to make the female staff members laugh, and when he was scolded by his boss, he would immediately ask, “Are you all right? When he was scolded by his boss, he would immediately say, “Are you all right? I don’t think there was any other comedian in that era who was so kind, even to the staff.

Now, who are the comedians who are as kind and popular with women as Ms. Shimazaki?

“When we conducted a preliminary survey on a talk show with many female comedians, the most popular comedian was Terumoto Goto of Football Hour. There were not as many female comedians as there are now, and power harassment and sexual harassment were still prevalent.

Under such circumstances, Mr. Goto would ask, “Are you all right? If you had any problems, you could tell us.

According to a staff member of a variety show, many female comedians fell in love with him. Goto got married in 2001, but there were still many female comedians who asked him for advice about his work and private life. And just as popular as Goto is Ryota Yamasato of “Nankai Candies.

When Minami-Can made it to the finals of the M-1 Grand Prix for the first time, one of the judges, Kausu Nakata of “Kausu Nakata Button,” famously said, “You treat girls gently and you have a good feeling about them.

In response to his partner Shizu-chan’s (Shizuyo Yamazaki) rough banter, Kausu made an extra effort or two by saying, “I just opened my mental dictionary and found the word ‘murderous intent’ written on it. Kausan described this as gentle.

Goto and Yamasato remind me of the “Women’s Comedian No. 1 Contest THE W2023” (NTV) held on December 9, 2011. Yamazato, who replaced Goto, who had to cancel his hosting duties at short notice due to health problems, became the talk of the town for her kindness to all the contestants. Akira Kawashima of Kirin, who served as a judge,

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was that the pinch-hitter, Yamachan, was too good a host,” he said jealously.

The only thing that wasn’t so interesting was that the pinch hitter, Yamachan, was too good a host,” he said jealously. In fact, he was the MC of “Lavit! (TBS), is also well known for his “kindness” to female comedians, including “Boru-juku” comedians.

Some female comedians say that since Goto, Yamasato, and Kawashima are all married, “I feel safer” (a female comedian). It was no “coincidence” that the most popular men in the world of comedy were chosen to be the MCs of programs where many female comedians gather.

Football Hour” Goto is the most popular female comedian. On his back is Chihara Jr.
Goto of “Football Hour,” the most popular female comedian. With Chihara Jr.
No wonder Yamazato of “Nankai Candies” is so popular (April ’23).
Lavit! Kawashima of “Kirin” is very popular among female celebrities for his “Lavit!
  • PHOTO Yuya Kawasaki, Sota Shima, Ippei Hara

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