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The ace of TV TOKYO, Hitomi Tanaka, is living together in an apartment in Tokyo!

This is the first time I've seen it. The fourth assistant of "Moya Moya Samaaazu 2

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A little after 1:00 a.m., Anna Tanaka returned home to her love nest in a courtesy car after her appearance on the program. She greeted the driver and went to the entrance.

TV Tokyo’s leading analyst was nurturing her love in secret.

A little after 1:00 a.m. in early November, a pickup truck pulled up in front of the entrance of an apartment building in Tokyo. The driver opened the door to reveal a beautiful woman with pretty, clear eyes. It was Hitomi Tanaka, 25, from the Tokyo Broadcasting System. She was returning from an appearance on the nightly economic program “World Business Satellite (WBS)” (Monday, Tuesday and Friday), for which she is the field anchor. I thought she looked tired, but she smiled and said to the driver, “Thank you for your hard work. Thank you very much! She said to the driver with a lively smile.

This is her third year with the company, and although she is still young, she has become one of the mainstays of TV TOKYO. When she was a student, she won the runner-up prize in the “Miss Seijo University 2016” competition, and has had a spectacular career. Since her student days, she has been a member of the freelance analyst agency “St. Force” and appeared on “News Zero” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) as a student anchor. She had enough experience and ability. Just four months after joining the company, she was selected as the fourth assistant for the popular program “Moya Moya Samaazu 2,” and there were high expectations from the upper management. Her cheerful personality and the fact that she treats the field staff and co-stars without distinction is another reason why she is loved.

When Tanaka entered the entrance, she pressed the room number on the intercom, had the door unlocked, and then went into her room. Maybe she has a partner to live with. ……

Two days later, late at night, a cab pulled up at the entrance. Out of it came a handsome, salty-faced man who looked like Shunsuke Kazama of the Japanese pop group. He took the key out of his bag and went through the entrance to the room where Ana Tanaka had entered. It seemed that he was the one who had unlocked the door for her. I wondered who this handsome man really was.

In his first year, he had gained experience as an AD for “Tokoro-san’s School,” a TV program that was broadcast in Japan. In his first year, he gained experience as an AD for “Tokoro-san’s School,” a TV show that was broadcast in Japan. In his second year, he was selected as a location director for “Ariehen∞ Sekai” and is playing an active role. He is from downtown Tokyo and used to travel around the world with the money he earned from his part-time job when he was a student. He is physically strong and serious, so he is very useful in the field.

On another day, Mr. O came home before Anna Tanaka. On another day, Mr. O came home before Tanaka, and the light was still on in his room, as if he was waiting for Tanaka who was working until late at night. On this day, too, Tanaka rang the intercom and entered the room. Late at night on weekdays must be the only time they can enjoy being alone together.

Tanaka and her classmates get along very well. They eat together at the company cafeteria and often go out on holidays. Both Ms. Tanaka and Mr. O are active and outdoorsy. As they deepened their relationship with their classmates, they must have hit it off and developed a romance. They started dating last year. They were both so busy that they didn’t have much time to date, but at the end of July this year, they moved into a new house and started living together,” said an acquaintance of Mr. O’s.

One day in late November, a middle-aged couple, who appeared to be Mr. O’s parents, were seen visiting their “love nest. They must have been worried about the busy couple and came to cook a meal for them. Their cohabitation seems to have been approved by Mr. O’s parents.

Tanaka is now mainly in charge of news programs, but she was originally said to be more suited for variety shows. Some people said that compared to other stations, the female announcers at Teletos were not as good as their characters. So from next year, there is talk of dispelling the image of Teretto’s female announcers by using their mainstay, Tanaka, more and more in variety shows. Tanaka has already been approached. The number of programs she will be in charge of will increase next year and she will become even busier, so I think she is re-focusing her energies on being a leading female announcer.

Mr. O is also a location director and travels all over the country. Mr. O is also a location director and travels all over the country. If he is good at what he does, he will probably become even busier. The decision to live together in a new house may have been made in order to support each other as they look forward to the next year and beyond.

When I contacted the PR department of Teletubbies about their cohabitation, I received the following response.

We do not respond to questions about employee privacy.

The two met as colleagues in the harsh battlefield of the television industry and support each other. We look forward to their future success.

Mr. O, her live-in partner. He is Anna Tanaka’s classmate and has been with the company for three years. He leads a very busy life as a location director.
Late at night, she comes home from work. She presses the intercom and asks Mr. O to open the door for her. Without showing her tired face, she went to the room where he was waiting for her.
Mr. O goes to work from his love nest. He often takes a cab to get there. He comes home before Anna Tanaka and waits for her.
Anna Tanaka reporting on “Yoji Goji Days,” which she appeared on until December 2008. Her cheerful personality has earned her a good reputation in the field.

From the December 17, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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