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Industry Reactions and Fans’ Discomfort Over Kasumi Arimura & Kaito Takahashi’s Love Affair

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At the time of the report, the magazine was flooded with messages of support for Kasumi Arimura. (June 9, 2023).

On December 19, Josei Seven reported on Kasumi Arimura’s love affair with Kaito Takahashi of King & Prince. As if by design, the two offices commented, “We hear that they are getting along well,” and did not deny their relationship.

The former head of the publicity department, a former executive, was once a big fan of the company, and he was a big fan of the company’s. The former head of the publicity department often said, If reports of a relationship appear, a certain number of fans will decrease.

In fact, there have been cases in the past where some fans have stopped supporting the celebrities; for example, by dropping out, pointing fans bearing bitter comments at the celebrities at concerts, or not reacting during call-and-response sessions. (Sports newspaper reporter)

Immediately after the report, people on social networking sites were saying to Takahashi, who is six years younger than Arimura:

“Well done!”

“It’s great that you were able to keep your relationship secret for three years.”

“I’m glad you had someone close by to support you during a difficult time for King & Prince. I’m glad.”

There were not a few supportive voices. However, “I don’t think that is the opinion of Kaito’s fans. I don’t think that’s the opinion of Kaito’s fans,” said one of the ardent fans of King & Prince.

With King & Prince splitting up and the office going through a crisis, the majority of opinions regarding this report are along the lines of “What are you doing?” and “If you’re an idol, you should have kept it under wraps.” Some sports papers want to make it seem that the public is supporting Ms. Arimura because she is a popular actress, but she also has a past in which private shots of her and Keito were leaked in the past.Therefore, Johnny’s fans do not trust her.

Keito-kun refers to Keito Okamoto, a former member of “Hey! Say! JUMP” In 2013, right after Kasumi Arimura gained attention for her role in the NHK drama series “Amachan,” a two-shot photo of them leaked. As the source of the photo and any apparent connection between the two were not clear, both Okamoto’s fans and Arimura’s fans were quite perplexed.

Since then, Arimura has gone on to become a nationally known actress with numerous masterpieces to her credit. In the process, her relationship with Okamoto is said to have spontaneously dissolved. However, since she was again reported to be dating a celebrity from the former Johnny’s office, Takahashi’s fans have labeled her as “just a Johnny’s fan”.

This dating report may have an impact on Arimura’s future career.

She said, “The age of 30 is an important time for an actress to take the next step in her career.” As well as dramas and movies, the number of TV commercials is a barometer of popularity, and this winter, the only commercial featuring Ms. Arimura that was frequently seen was “Lulu” for Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare. She has appeared in these commercials consecutively since 2015, but there is a possibility that the recent reports might have an impact.


Furthermore, in recent years, there has been a change in the way companies are using celebrities. In many cases, they use them as characters for service talks at events such as new product launches, but Ms. Arimura’s relatively quiet image makes it difficult for her to please clients. In addition, it is absolutely prohibited to ask her about her relationship with Mr. Takahashi in public, which may create difficulty for those involved, according to a casting producer.

However, his ability as an actor is well known to everyone.

Even in the case of “Dou Suru Ieyasu” (NHK), NHK, which was suffering from low viewer ratings, relied on Shun Oguri, who had appeared in the Taiga drama for two consecutive years, and Arimura, who was supposed to have left the show early, for the final episode. Although his recent appearances in WOWOW and Netflix productions have been more prominent than in terrestrial drama serials, there is no doubt about his ability and popularity. It is true that many in the industry would like to see Arimura in a play rather than as a TV personality, said a commercial drama director.

Will her relationship with Takahashi Kaito turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing? We can’t take our eyes off of Arimura in 2024.


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