Sakira Inoue: “A Convincing Reason” Why Her Stock Increased after Her Love Affair with a Young Lady, Despite Whispers of Her Character Straying Immediately after “Graduating from Thick Eyebrows | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sakira Inoue: “A Convincing Reason” Why Her Stock Increased after Her Love Affair with a Young Lady, Despite Whispers of Her Character Straying Immediately after “Graduating from Thick Eyebrows

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Marathoner who says his hobby is marathon running, and he is as good as top athletes

He said, “I I broke my personal best in the Tokyo Marathon! 3 hours, 26 minutes and 06 seconds (net), a 44-second improvement from last December’s Matsue Castle Marathon!

After the Tokyo Marathon on March 3, TV personality Sakira Inoue (24) updated her Instagram. She reported the accomplishment of breaking her personal best.’ Since participating in the Tokyo Marathon for the first time in 19 years, she has competed in numerous marathons. She has continued to break her own records.

She once had thick eyebrows, which was her trademark, but in December 2008, she showed off her thin eyebrows for the first time on the variety show “Tonari Kuraraybe Shiteta 3-hour SP” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). Her beauty became the talk of the town, and she graduated from the thick-browed character. However, it is true that her character went astray for a while after that.

Inoue is torn between continuing to work in variety shows as she has in the past, and putting her good looks on the market. Inoue was torn between her desire to continue to eat at variety shows and her desire to sell her good looks.

He is also an avid insect eater, which he has come to profess on TV. In fact, he has spoken seriously about his love of entomophagy in magazine interviews and at events. Some people found this unusual side of him amusing, but there must have been many who were turned off by it. Honesty without second thoughts Because she makes negative comments such as, “I don’t want to buy a drink for my juniors,” and “I think about profit and loss when socializing with others,” many people on the Internet said, “Sakiraku Inoue, I’m not good at this. Some people were even disgusted, saying, “She is a beautiful woman, but she is being marketed in the wrong way. She is just being honest and not putting herself on display. ……

Inoue had been “straying from his character” for a while, but the tide turned after this magazine scooped his relationship with Yu Hatanaka (36) of “Oswald” last December. Hatanaka cheerfully told the reporter, “I heal , I am healed, I encourage, and I am encouraged (laughs). (Laughs.)” A TV magazine journalist said, “He took to the stage after the news of his love affair.

Inoue proudly declared his relationship with Hatanaka at an event he attended after the reports of their love affair: “We don’t live together, but we’ve been dating for about two years. That innocence helped to improve his image. The other day, Hatanaka announced that she had early-stage kidney cancer, and when the surgery was over, Inoue commented at the event, ‘I’m relieved that it went well.

Inoue’s Instagram is full of pictures of home-cooked meals, and one can imagine that he is devotedly supporting Hatanaka. Under such circumstances, she also completed the marathon. The number of comments praising Inoue for her hard work increased dramatically.

The passionate love affair has revealed her talent as a “beloved character. I hope she continues on this path to become a top TV personality.

She does not care if her hair is messed up. The stoicism she showed during the marathon must have increased her popularity.
Inoue in the vicinity of his home as spotted by this magazine (photo taken in December 2011).
Inoue heading to the nearest station with a sleepy look on his face (photo taken in December 2011).
  • Photo Kumataro Arai (Marathon) Sota Shima

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