SNS congratulates Sakiraku Inoue on her love affair with Oswald Hatanaka, saying “I’m honestly happy”… Sakiraku Inoue is graduating from her “negative character”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

SNS congratulates Sakiraku Inoue on her love affair with Oswald Hatanaka, saying “I’m honestly happy”… Sakiraku Inoue is graduating from her “negative character”!

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Yu Hatanaka of “Oswaldo” and Sakiraku Inoue, a couple that has become a major topic of conversation

On December 14, “FRIDAY” reported a “serious love affair” between Sakiraku Inoue (24) and Yu Hatanaka (36) of the comedy duo “Oswaldo” who stayed overnight together.

Inoue participated in the “National Treasure Matsue Castle Marathon 2023” held in Shimane on December 3. The next morning, Hatanaka came out of Inoue’s apartment. On December 7, when the finalists for “M-1 Grand Prix 2023” were announced, Hatanaka, who narrowly missed the final, went to Inoue’s apartment. In fact, the two have been dating since April of this year, and Hatanaka honestly admitted their relationship when this magazine directly hit her. ……

Both the public and the comedy industry seem to be surprised by this unexpected pairing. Speaking of Inoue, many of the episodes he has recounted on the variety shows he has appeared on have been negative ones. For example,

I have a negative personality. I changed my eyebrows, but I haven’t changed my roots” (“Surprising Gaku,” broadcast on October 27, 2009)! The World I Don’t Know At All – Celebrities Secretly Photographing Celebrities” on Fuji Television Network).

The only reason I’ve made it this far is because I happen to have thick eyebrows…” (“Homma dekka,” aired on February 1, 2011, on Fuji TV)! TV”, aired on February 1, 2011, on Fuji Television Network).

TV” broadcast on February 1, 2011, on Fuji TV), Inoue himself called himself a “negative TV personality.

In the “Odoru! Sanma Goten! (Nippon Television Network Corporation) in April of this year, he confessed that he is a frugal person and that he thinks about socializing with others in terms of profit and loss. He said that when he approaches seniors who have fashionable clothes, he often receives hand-me-downs from them, and he actively tries to have a relationship with them. Also He also shared an episode in which he “decided not to make juniors” because he did not want to buy them drinks. This was met with a lot of criticism on social networking sites, such as Some people on social networking sites commented, “His character has completely lost his way.

However, the latest news of their love affair seems to have changed their image,

I’m honestly happy. I can see that you are very likable.

“I like the fact that they are serious about their relationship and that Hatanaka is their partner.

The social networking sites were filled with congratulatory comments such as: “Yes.

Hatanaka, on the other hand, has been overshadowed by his partner Shunsuke Ito (34), and is considered by the public as a “non-professional comedian” who has not been talked about much. However, he has not been talked about much,

However, “Oswald’s fans and their radio program, ‘Look! This is Oswald’s house! (TBS Radio), Hatanaka’s knowledgeable and intelligent talk and gentle personality are well known among Oswald fans and listeners of their radio show “Here! In fact, he is as highly regarded as Ito. It is understandable that many fans are not surprised by the news, but rather react to it by saying, “They look great together,” or “I guess I’m not that surprised.

(A person involved in radio production). Hatanaka responded to the magazine’s direct question, “Yes, he is my first love in my life,

Yes, I’m in love for the first time in my life!

and mentioned that they had spent the night together after completing the “National Treasure Matsue Castle Marathon 2023,

He responded with a big smile, “He healed me, healed me, encouraged me, and encouraged me.

He responded with a big smile.

On the night this magazine reported, when she appeared at a comedy live performance at the Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu in Kyoto with her fellow comedy duo “Cotton,” she said, “This is the first time in my life I have had a girlfriend,

She said, “This is my first girlfriend in my life. She is irreplaceable.

He reported to the audience, “This is my first girlfriend in my life. The SNS responded,

I like her. I want to support her.

I want to support them.

I want to support them,” and “Could Hatanaka and Inoue get married?

In an interview with this magazine, a friend of Hatanaka’s also spoke of “their marriage” as follows.

In September of this year, when Hatanaka was taking a rest due to health problems, Inoue-san visited Hatanaka at her home and nursed her back to health. Hatanaka was so moved by his appearance that she thought, ‘I want to marry this person. On the other hand, he also thought, ‘I’m not successful enough to feed her.

Oswald” has more name recognition than his partner, who is the brother of actress Sairi Ito (29), but it is Hatanaka who thinks up the material. The fellow comedians were hoping that they would win the M-1 championship and use the momentum to get married.

Inoue has yet to make a comment on the latest love affair report. I wonder what kind of happy statements he will make about his love affair and “marriage”. I don’t think he will make any more “negative” comments as expected. …… I am looking forward to it.

At a park near her home. What made Inoue famous was her role as “Oha Girl” on TV Tokyo’s children’s variety show “Ohasuta. Next year, she will appear in her first historical drama.
On December 4, Inoue left her home to go to a “Hiruobi” (TBS) taping. He walked to the nearest station with a somewhat sleepy look on his face.
He is tall and wears a hood, giving him a strong presence. His partner Shunsuke Ito (34) is often talked about now, but Hatanaka is the brains behind “Oswald.
Hatanaka’s partner Ito and Iwakura on location in Yanaka Shopping Arcade.
Ito and Iwakura, Hatanaka’s partner, on location at Yanaka shopping street.

For more details and multiple photos, click here.

Tie-up post with disneystudiojp. <If you don’t wish, it won’t come true. I think it takes both hope and courage to have a wish. >. I wonder if the “hope” and “courage” in the post were directed to Hatanaka. (From bling2sakura, Inoue Sakira’s Instagram)
On December 3, after completing the marathon, she may have been overcome with emotion (from bling2sakura, Sakiraku Inoue’s Insta).
A post from December 7. (From Sakiraku Inoue’s Insta: bling2sakura)
Inoue will be the MC of ABEMA’s romance show “Love Catcher,” which will start on December 16. I wonder if she will talk about her own love life on the show (from Sakiraku Inoue’s Insta: bling2sakura).
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