Aina Ashida, who “passed a very difficult private university,” “balances work and study even after becoming a university student” by appearing in the live-action version of “Hataraku Cell. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Aina Ashida, who “passed a very difficult private university,” “balances work and study even after becoming a university student” by appearing in the live-action version of “Hataraku Cell.

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From April, Aina Ashida will be a university student at the most difficult private university. She is also doing well as an actress, but…

Popular actress Mana Ashida will appear in the main cast of “Hataraku Cell,” a movie based on a popular manga.

This is a big project by Warner Bros. Pictures, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. The film depicts the activities of cells inside the human body and is directed by Hideki Takeuchi of “Tonde Saitama” and “Thermae Romae. The screenplay will be written by Tomokazu Tokunaga, who also wrote “Kaguya-sama ga Kesshirasai: Tensai-tachi no Koenkinkaze” and “Kaiji: The Final Game” and worked with director Takeuchi on “Tonde Saitama”.

The cast is yet to be announced, but Ashida is said to play the main heroine-like cast member in the film. Speaking of Ashida, she recently made headlines for entering the Department of Political Science in the Faculty of Law at a very difficult private university. Ashida has led a busy life since her days as a child actress, but she has not neglected her studies, and she was able to gain admission to a difficult private university on the strength of her abilities.

In no time at all, she became an adult woman. There are cases in which actresses who started out as child actresses have a hard time growing as they get older, but Ms. Ashida is expanding her field of activity more and more. According to her reputation within the school, she was not arrogant because she was an entertainer, and she actively participated in school events. She continues to maintain a clean image.

(TV magazine writer) With his outstanding favorable reputation, he has been receiving a steady stream of offers for commercials from companies.

According to the results of a survey on TV commercials in the first half of 2010 (January to June) released by Video Research in August 2010, Ashida ranked first in the number of TV commercials by talent with 16 (at that time). Ashida was crowned the “New CM Queen.

Ashida was the sole winner, ahead of Tsubasa Honda and Haruna Kawaguchi. She is well supported by parents and seniors who have known her since she was a child actress, and she is like a “daughter of the nation.

Since there have been no scandals of this nature, companies can feel secure in entrusting her with work. I think she will be the “absolute champion” for a while,” said an advertising agency official.

The celebrity Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, known for his harsh words, also commented on a radio program last December

It’s important that they really don’t do anything bad. It’s important that they don’t do anything bad. I can’t imagine Aina Ashida getting caught with stimulants. I can’t imagine Aina Ashida getting caught for stimulants.

He also praised her.

In the aforementioned “Hataraku Cyber,” Ashida also said, “For the time being, I will film during April to get used to university life starting in April.

She has asked to refrain from filming during the month of April for the time being. Although she will have more free time than she did in junior high and high school, her priority is her schoolwork at university as well. Other co-stars and the production team understand Ashida’s wishes,” said a person involved in the movie industry.

The source said, “Ms. Ashida is a very talented young woman.

Since she will be studying politics at the university, she may even become a newscaster after graduation. A reporter for a sports newspaper pointed out that the fact that Ashida has grown up to be so perfect is due in large part to the skills of those around her.

I think it is the result of a long-term development plan that was put in place so that she would not end up being just a child actor,” said a reporter for a sports newspaper. The people around her understood that she had to prioritize her studies, and they did not force her to work.

It was also significant that the powerful people in the entertainment industry took care of her as if she were their grandchild. Even among the entertainment media, Aina had the image of being exceptional.

Even as a university student, Aina’s “unrivaled” status is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

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