From child prodigy to full-fledged actress… Aina Ashida’s performance in the popular drama “The Best Teacher” exceeds that of “Mother | FRIDAY DIGITAL

From child prodigy to full-fledged actress… Aina Ashida’s performance in the popular drama “The Best Teacher” exceeds that of “Mother

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Aina Ashida chatting with co-stars Yumia Fujisaki (left, 15) and Ami Toma (right, 16)

Actress Mayu Matsuoka stars in the drama “The Best Teacher: One Year Later, I Was ◼sed by a Student” (NTV), which has been attracting more and more attention with each episode.

This work reunites the staff of the drama “3-nen A-gumi – From Now on, You Are All Hostages” (NTV), which aired in ’19. High school teacher Kujo Rina (Matsuoka), who was pushed down by a student on her graduation day, is sent back in time to one year ago. She is determined to face the “30 suspects” who will kill her, and seriously confronts the students of class 3-D in this school drama.

The film also features Aina Ashida and Seishiro Kato, who dominated the world as child actors, as well as Satoma Yamatoki, who plays the main character in Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film, “How Do You Live?

Mizuki Kayashima was chosen as a CM girl for the marriage magazine “Zexy,” which is said to be a “gateway to success for young actresses,” Ami Toma won the role of Kamehime, the eldest daughter of Ieyasu Tokugawa, in the historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu” (NHK), and Shiba was chosen as the second generation vocalist of “Wednesday no Campanella. The cast includes next breakout actors such as Shiba, who was chosen as the second vocalist of “Wednesday Campanella,” and Kubozuka Airyu, the son of Yosuke Kubozuka,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

(A wide-show insider) Among these actors, the one who gave an outstanding performance in the first episode was Ashida Mana, who plays the role of Ukumori Kano.

Kujo (Matsuoka), who knows that Ukumori will eventually stop going to school and lose his life due to bullying, sets up a camera in the classroom to capture evidence of bullying in order to save Ukumori and goes into the classroom where the “class trial” is being held.

There, Kujo tells Ukumori to talk about the bullying in front of everyone. The scene in which he tearfully explains how he was bullied, his frustrations, and his sadness for about six minutes grabbed the hearts of the netizens from the very first episode. In the third episode, she tells two girls in her class that she wants to be their friend, and the scene where she and the girls reach a mutual understanding has also moved the netizens.

Ashida’s “crying performance” has long been said to be superb. In the special drama “Ending Cut” (NHK) broadcast last year, she played Yui, a high school girl who grows up while dealing with death through her father Kazutoshi (Ryuta Sato), who works as an “ending cut” artist, setting the deceased’s hair before the coffin is delivered. She played the role of Yui, a high school girl who grows up while dealing with the death of a person.

At the climax of the film, Yui, who had been crying like a child because she could not accept the death of her mother Nanami (Ryoko Hirosue), quietly shed tears as she accepted her separation from her mother. That scene was captivating. Ashida’s acting ability to express not only her “crying performance” but also her emotional conflicts with her eyes and her appearance is enough to make her a dignified actress,” said a producer from a production company.

Ashida’s starting point as an actress was the drama “Mother” (NTV) broadcast in 2010.

In this shocking drama, Nao (Yasuko Matsuyuki), who is assigned as a homeroom teacher at an elementary school in Hokkaido, learns that her student Reinan (Ashida) is being abused by his parents and, determined to become a parent, kidnaps Reinan and heads for Tokyo. When scriptwriter Yuji Sakamoto saw Ashida, who was only 5 years old at the time of the audition, he said

“She is the only one who can play the role of Reina.

Ashida was only 5 years old when she auditioned for the role of Reina. Ashida won numerous awards for this work, including the “65th The Television Drama Academy Award” for Best Newcomer. It was truly a shocking debut for the child prodigy Ashida Mana.

Ashida says that she is too embarrassed to watch films in which she has appeared, but this film is the only one that she would like to watch all at once, starting from the beginning. After rewatching the film, the scene where she murmurs to Nao over the phone, ‘Kidnap me again,’ caught her attention, and she confesses that she ‘naturally burst into tears’ and ‘that night I couldn’t sleep'” (producer, above).

Aina Ashida met “Mother,” a drama written by Yuji Sakamoto, when she was five years old. She herself said, “If I hadn’t done this work, I wouldn’t have fallen asleep.

“If I had not done this work, I might have become a different Ashida Mana,” she said.

She said, “If I had not done this drama, I might have become a different Ashida Ashina.

For Mana Ashida, who is appearing in a commercial drama series “The Best Teacher” for the first time in seven years, this film is the first step toward becoming a full-fledged actress. We hope that this film will surpass “Mother”.

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