Yina Enohara “wanted to overcome her complex of large breasts” and her hidden desire in her first gravure challenge. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yina Enohara “wanted to overcome her complex of large breasts” and her hidden desire in her first gravure challenge.

After being scouted by an agency, Yona Enohara made her gravure debut in the February 29 issue of FRIDAY, and her flawless looks and overwhelming proportions became the talk of the town after it appeared in FRIDAY. We asked her to share her thoughts and impressions about the photo shoot.

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Yona Enohara made her gravure debut in the March 15 issue of FRIDAY

–Please introduce yourself.

People call me Ina-chan. My special skills are being able to sleep anywhere, talking to anyone without fear, and…making potato butter (laughs). I can make the best potato butter in the world! My hobby is shopping. I especially like clothes, and I often check overseas e-commerce sites.

–What made you decide to try your hand at gravure?

I have had a complex about the size of my breasts since I was in school. I didn’t want them to stand out, so I always wore a rash guard (long-sleeved swimwear) whenever I had a chance to wear a bathing suit, such as at the beach or pool. One reason was that I wanted to overcome my complex by taking up gravure. The other is that I am curious by nature, so I want to try everything! I am a person who likes to try everything.

–What are your honest impressions of the challenge?

I was really embarrassed during the first shooting scene because it was the first time for me to wear a swimsuit in front of many people. But gradually, my nervousness melted away, and I became excited and said, “This is fun! and I was able to express myself in a variety of ways naturally! Now that the shoot is over, I feel like drinking my favorite red wine that I’ve been holding back for a month (laughs).

Her first time in a bikini became the talk of the town, especially on social networking sites.

–What did you do to prepare for the shoot besides holding back on alcohol?

I wanted to have the most beautiful body of my life, so I did everything I could, including fasting, personal training, and of course diet restrictions. To be honest, there were times when it was so hard that I cried, but when I looked at the photos taken, I reflected on how I could have squeezed in a little more, and honestly thought, “I’m glad I worked so hard…! I am glad I worked so hard…!

–What was your favorite part of the shoot?

All the outfits I was allowed to wear were really cute! I wanted to buy them all. My favorite was the loungewear-like hoodie outfit. I think that scene is worth seeing!

–What would you like to try in the future?

I am always up for a challenge… I would like to try my hand at any genre, including dramas and music videos! If I had to say something, I have always loved Ken Shimura, and my dream as a child was to be in a Drifting Contest. I would love to have the opportunity to try my hand at variety, such as doing a city tour location with a comedian or taking a bath in boiling water!

Immediately after its release, the digital photo book topped the rankings at several online bookstores.

Yina Enohara Ina Enohara Ina T163

Her nickname is “Ina-chan. Her digital photo book “First Impact,” filled with her first gravure photo shoot, is now on sale! For the latest information, check her official X,Instagram, and TikTok!

  • Photographed by Takeo Dec. Stylist MELON Hair & Make-up Ayumi Tsuburaya

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