Ayako Kato and her celebrity husband visited a luxury hotel together. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ayako Kato and her celebrity husband visited a luxury hotel together.

The two walking together in chummy company exuded an extraordinary aura.

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Mr. and Mrs. Katopan walk side by side in the hotel lobby. The couple is getting along well; they had their honeymoon last November and got married in Hawaii this January.

In mid-May, a beautiful woman in a sparkling dress appeared in the lobby of a luxury hotel in Tokyo. It was freelance announcer Ayako Kato (38). The handsome man in a tuxedo walking beside her is her husband, Yusuke Takagi, 41, president of Ropia supermarket, which boasts annual sales of 340 billion yen.

The two had never been photographed by the media before because of their busy schedules. What was the purpose of the couple’s visit to the luxury hotel?

Actually, the wedding of Yuka Aiuchi, 37, a TV Tokyo announcer who joined the company in 2008 and is a good friend of Mr. Kato’s, was being held on the same day. Her partner was NHK’s Minoru Aoi, 42. Author Mariko Hayashi (69) and TV TOKYO’s Mariko Oe (44) gave speeches, and actors Kotaro Yoshida (64) and Sho Sakurai (41) from “Arashi” and other gorgeous members attended. Fellow announcers also gathered for the reception, which began in the early afternoon and was still going strong well into the evening,” said a source who attended the event.

There had been whispers that Katopan and Mr. Takagi did not get along since they had been living separately at the beginning of their marriage. On the day of the event, however, they appeared to be on good terms, with Mr. Takagi escorting her with her luggage.

Mr. Kato has been on temporary leave since last October, saying that he wants to prioritize his family. The couple has been spending more time together and posting more family-related posts on SNS, such as photos of their cooking. I think their relationship is at its best right now,” said Daijiro Maruyama, a critic of female announcers.

Katopan is spending quality time with her family. It will be some time before she returns, but we look forward to the day when we can see her smile again.

Anna Aoi (left) heads to the venue. She gently escorts Aiuchi in her wedding dress.
NHK announcers Nachiko Suto, Nahoko Suzuki, Maho Kuwako, and others were also at the event.
Ayako Kato visited a luxury hotel with her celebrity husband. The first two shots of Ayako and her husband after their marriage.
From her Instagram
Katopan at her wedding ceremony. From her Instagram
Katopan enjoying her honeymoon. From her own Instagram

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