[Playback ’14] Hot Love Discovered! But two-timing at the same time! Tomonori Jinnai’s painful “excuse” in response to a direct interview with this magazine. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

[Playback ’14] Hot Love Discovered! But two-timing at the same time! Tomonori Jinnai’s painful “excuse” in response to a direct interview with this magazine.

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Jinnai, whose “two-timing” relationship was unexpectedly discovered

What did “FRIDAY” report 10, 20, and 30 years ago? In “Playback Friday,” we take a look back at the topics that were hot at the time. This time, we bring you “Tomonori Jinnai’s Two-timing Mansion” from the February 7, 2002 issue, which was published 10 years ago.

In April 2007, Tomonori Jinnai (50) married actress Norika Fujiwara, and despite being called a “disparate marriage,” it was celebrated throughout Japan. However, the marriage ended after only two years, in March 2009. The cause was said to be Jinnai’s infidelity, and he himself apologized at a press conference held after the divorce, saying, “I failed to fulfill my responsibility to have a family and cheated on my wife as if I were a bachelor. This is the first time in five years that Jinnai has had a passionate affair, and the scoop even revealed his two-timing.

Eve spent with a popular female announcer. But that wasn’t all…

The story goes back to the previous year, Christmas Eve of ’13.

After the recording was over and the meeting was over, I finally went home. I was hungry. Well, let’s order delivery while watching TV. No, it’s Christmas Eve!”

Jinnai (39 at the time) appealed on Twitter that he was “lonely on Christmas Eve. Indeed, he was spending the night of Christmas Eve alone at his apartment.

After 10 p.m., a woman in a luxurious down coat, not the delivery man (……), visits him. It was Mio Matsumura, then 27, an analyst at Fuji Television Network, known as “Miopan. Soon after, the two leave the apartment and disappear into the night.

Matsumura, nicknamed “Miopan,” was a popular and talented female TV announcer who could do variety shows as well as report on the news. On this day, after finishing her report on the “All Japan Figure Skating Championships” held at the Saitama Super Arena, she rushed to Jinnai’s apartment.

It was about an hour and a half later when the two appeared in front of the apartment again. They entered the entrance through the back door and took the elevator to his room, maintaining a perfect distance between them. The evening of the Eve of Jinnai and Miopan went on as it was.

In fact, however, the two had been seen dating for more than a year prior to this date. However, Jinnai had also spent a hot night with a beautiful woman other than Miopan. Please read the rest of the article.

It was an afternoon in mid-January. Jinnai was driving his favorite car, a Cadillac, through a residential area. He stopped the car and got out of the driver’s seat. Then, it was not Miopan …… in shorts, running up to him. A beautiful model-type woman appeared, fair-skinned and with dazzling slender legs.

Jinnai immediately put her in his car and headed for his apartment as a matter of course. Just as Miopan had done, this beautiful woman got into the elevator with Jinnai.

This beautiful woman was A (23 at the time), a model who worked as a reader model for Ray magazine and also appeared on the information program “ZIP! After going out and having a date at a nearby dining bar, they returned to Jinnai’s apartment and spent the night together.

Which of the two beauties is Jinnai’s true love? This magazine directly interviewed Ms. Jinnai.

At first, Jinnai looked tense, but when asked about his relationship with Miopan, he admitted that they were dating and looked somewhat relieved. ……

He was somewhat relieved to hear that he and Miopan were dating.



“Nn, n~……………. (Eyes begin to swim.)”

–Don’t you know her? (No way).

“…… yes (voice fading)”

─ ─ You stayed here, didn’t you?

“Nn…… (giggles) I’m a friend of yours, I was just watching a DVD (giggles) ……”

So you’re sure you want to go with Miopan?

Yes, well, ……. (Can I ask the cab driver to close the door?

The cab driver replied with a hint of hesitation, started the cab, and disappeared.

Later, Jinnai explained to Miopan that this was a misunderstanding, and Miopan reportedly accepted the explanation. Perhaps because of this incident, Jinnai and Matsumura got married in June 2005, despite the opposition from those around them, and in October 2006, they had their first child and a long marriage. In October 2006, their first child, a daughter, was born.

Even now, it has become a regular occurrence for Jinnai to be teased about her past affairs, but this is probably because her image of being on good terms with Matsumura and her daughter has become firmly established.

We hope that there will not be a “third time.

Jinnai returned from the back door of the apartment building. She kept a subtle distance from Miopan.
Miopan followed after Jinnai. After this, they took the elevator to Jinnai’s room.
After lunch on the 25th, Miopan came out of Jinnai’s apartment. After that, they headed to Fuji Television in Odaiba.
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