Natalie Portman in a navy blue bikini…12 latest photos of foreign celebrity beauties “vacationing in bold swimsuits! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Natalie Portman in a navy blue bikini…12 latest photos of foreign celebrity beauties “vacationing in bold swimsuits!

Off-shoots of them relaxing gracefully on the beach at a luxury resort.

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Kylie Jenner (26), businesswoman, relaxes in a black bikini in the Turks and Caicos Islands (Caribbean Sea) with its clear turquoise waters.

The sexy swimsuits reveal their wheat-colored skin, toned legs, and perky hips. ……They are a sight to behold as they show off their bikinis during their vacations!

Maui, with its beautiful beaches, was a popular resort among celebrities. Also, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, which is only a two-hour flight from Los Angeles, and the expensive European islands of Mykonos in Greece and Mallorca in Spain are popular with stars because they can get away from the paparazzi. I have the impression that many stars visit these islands to escape the paparazzi,” says Makiko Iizuka, a journalist living in the United States.

The world’s top resort is an irreplaceable place for them to nourish their energy.

Natalie Portman (42) Actress

Natalie is found relaxing on a beach in Sydney, Australia. She has been trying to improve her body for the movie for about 10 months.

Jordana Brewster (43) Actress

Jordana is currently starring in the “Wild Speed” series. She walked on the beach in Los Angeles in a pink bikini.

Chantelle Jeffries (30) DJ

Influencer with about 10 million followers on social networking sites. Wearing unique sunglasses, she was swimming in the ocean in Miami.

Relaxing holiday with friends and family

Haley Bieber (26) Model

Vacationing with friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She looked impressive in a flashy neon green bikini.

Gwyneth Paltrow (50) Actress

The Academy Award-winning actress was caught enjoying a vacation with her mother in Barbados, an island country located in the Caribbean Sea!

Pippa Middleton (39) Party Planner

Pippa is known as the younger sister of Princess Catherine. She is enjoying her vacation with her husband and children in San Barthelemy (Caribbean Sea).

Katy Perry (38) Singer

Wearing a navy and white swimsuit and pink sunglasses, she visited Saint Tropez (France). Her children were by her side.

Scarlett Johansson (38) Actress

The Hollywood actress in a bright red bikini exuded an aura of class in the Hamptons (U.S.A.)

On a hot vacation with her boyfriend and husband

Isabelle Grahl (38) Model

The actress has an outstanding style as a “Victoria’s Secret” model. Visiting Mykonos Island (Greece) with her boyfriend

Georgina Rodriguez (29) Model

Spotted relaxing on her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo’s private yacht in Sardinia, Italy

Britney Spears (41) Singer

The couple enjoyed a vacation in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) in June this year, but divorced shortly after ……

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