Mami Mizuto and Rinya Nakamura, Natsume & Ariyoshi, Kuwako & Ozawa — Photo Collection of Announcers and TV Personalities’ Date Escapades | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mami Mizuto and Rinya Nakamura, Natsume & Ariyoshi, Kuwako & Ozawa — Photo Collection of Announcers and TV Personalities’ Date Escapades

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Dinner with colleagues at a popular hormone-yaki restaurant. Mizuto-announcer eating ramen noodles for the end of the meal. Photo taken in January ’14.

The marriage of NTV announcer Mami Mizuto (35) and actor Nakamura Rinya (36), announced on March 25, is still causing a stir in the TV industry. It is not only because their relationship was top-secret. There are other reasons as well.

“The marriage of a female TV announcer and an actor or TV personality is surprisingly rare. Unless they appear regularly on TV programs together, there are few opportunities for them to become close. Unless one of them makes a strong push, the relationship will most likely end up being a temporary one. Most of the people that female TV announcers meet in the newsroom are business executives and athletes. In the TV industry, the marriage of Mizuto and Ms. Nakamura is surprising news,” said an employee of a commercial key station.

According to various media reports, the marriage was consummated through Nakamura’s approach. Nakamura got Mizutoana’s contact information from an acquaintance through their collaboration on a TV program, and attacked her by treating her to a home-cooked meal. Mizuto is said to have been attracted by Nakamura’s enthusiasm and personality, and they entered into a relationship.

Marriages between female announcers and actors or celebrities are said to be rare. FRIDAY” has often witnessed the dating scenes of these precious couples. Former Nippon TV’s Miku Natsume (38) and Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (48), NHK’s Maho Kuwako (35) and Yukiyoshi Ozawa (48), and Fuji TV’s Mio Matsumura (36) and Tomonori Jinnai (49). …… We would like to re-post photos from those days and look back at the two shots that overflow with the aura of a happily married couple.

A Couple’s Cooperative Play to Prevent International Problems

It was in June of the same year that I caught Natsume and Ariyoshi on a walking date after they announced their marriage in April 2009. It was impressive to see Ariyoshi firmly holding the leash of Natsume’s beloved toy poodle.

She was going around the same place in circles, as if she had a fixed walking course. When the dog peed on the wall of a building, they both squatted down and Natsume quickly took out a plastic bottle from her bag and doused it with water.

Incidentally, the dog peed on the embassy of a European country. The couple’s cooperation in preventing international problems is a perfect match. After a 30-minute walk, the dog was gently cradled in Natsume’s arms as they made their way home.

Until the announcement of their marriage, the couple had maintained their secrecy. They lived together for several years, going back and forth to each other’s rooms in adjoining apartments, the so-called “soup never gets cold” distance. On the occasion of their marriage Natsume has resigned from her job as anchor of “Truth Report Bankisha!” (Nippon TV), where she anchors the show, and announced her retirement from show business. (Nittele), where she anchors the show, and announced her retirement from show business.

For a while, Ariyoshi was said to have become matured and rounded off. However, perhaps his marriage to Natsume was a turning point for him, and his signature tongue has returned. Perhaps it is a sign that she is getting inspiration from her partner and improving each other.

Natsume follows Ariyoshi a little later. A very leisurely stroll in the open. Photo taken in May ’21.
Kuwako and Ozawa’s house was a five-minute drive away. After their date, Ozawa would drop her off at her home. Photo taken in January ’21.
Jinnai and Matsumura strolling the streets at night, holding hands. Photo taken in November ’14.
Aika Kanda and Yuki Himura of “Bananaman.” 
Former Fuji Television’s Hitomi Nakamura and Kazuki Ohtake of “Samaaz. Photographed in March ’18.
Former TV Asahi announcer Yumi Tokunaga and Mitsuyoshi Uchimura of “Ucchan Nanchan
Former TBS announcer Yuko Aoki and Hiroyuki Yabe of “Ninety-Nine,” who is also enthusiastic about raising children (some photos have been doctored).
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