Hiroyuki Ariyoshi & Miku Natsume Enjoying New Celebrity Spot “Azabudai Hills” as a Couple, “Relaxing Shot” Taken | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki Ariyoshi & Miku Natsume Enjoying New Celebrity Spot “Azabudai Hills” as a Couple, “Relaxing Shot” Taken

The "heart and soul" of the variety king, who has 11 regular programs on terrestrial TV alone, is ......

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The Variety King descended on a new celebrity spot in Tokyo that has become the talk of the town for its super-rich condominiums, which are out of reach of the wealthy. A shopper in the area informed us of this, and when we headed to Azabudai Hills in Minato Ward, we found that Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, 50, was indeed there. He was accompanied by Miku Natsume, 39, a former freelance announcer with whom he had a great love affair.

Ariyoshi, who is extremely successful with 11 regular programs on terrestrial TV alone, was shopping for foodstuffs at an underground supermarket, not paying attention to the high-brand stores in the facility.

Ariyoshi was walking ahead of Natsume as if leading her. It seems that even super-successful comedians have a face just like the fathers of the world.

On this particular day, a TV show was being filmed at Azabudai Hills, and it seemed the two had come there privately. Perhaps it was a place unfamiliar to each other, but they were going back and forth along the same street and checking the signs guiding them to the facilities. It was impressive that Ms. Ariyoshi, who carried several shopping bags in both hands, was leading Ms. Natsume around as they shopped.

They married in April 2009, and in September of the same year, Natsume announced her retirement from show business. In March 2012, Ariyoshi reported the birth of their first child on his radio program.

Not only has Ariyoshi’s popularity not waned after his marriage, but he has also broken out numerous young and mid-career comedians from “Ariyoshi’s Wall” (NTV) to “Chocolate Planet,” “Sisonne,” and many others. In the absence of Matsumoto Hitoshi (60), I think he is one of the most important comedians in the world of comedy” (variety show production staff).

The variety king, whose specialty was his tongue, has begun to change since the birth of his first child.

He has more opportunities to share episodes of his child-rearing activities, such as reporting on the completion of his first baby shower on his radio show and recreating a bathing session on his TV show. It can be seen that the presence of family members is supporting the busy Ariyoshi’s emotional support.

On the other hand, he has not lost his sharpness as a comedian.

A typical example is Ryota Yamasato (a comedian who has a tongue-lashing personality), who is now on the defensive after getting married. A typical example is Ryota Yamasato (47). Although Ariyoshi has become a little more rounded since his marriage, he still spits venom and teases his junior comedians on his show. He has a very good balance between his work and personal life. Natsume quit her job after being such a popular announcer. She quit her job after being a very popular announcer on “Asa Chan! (TBS) and “Bankisha! (TBS) and “Bankisha!” (Nippon TV), and she probably feels that she has done her job. That’s why he supports Ariyoshi so devotedly.

Whether it is because it is an ultra-celebrity spot or because of their daily routine, no one approached Ariyoshi and his wife or asked for a handshake. In a relaxed state, the couple enjoyed the much-talked-about spot for about two hours.

They passed by the high-brand stores. Azabudai Hills was just a tour, and dinner would be served at home. Solid.

From the June 28 , 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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