Haruna Kawaguchi and her martial artist lover, Yusuke Yaji, “After” their “lovey-dovey date scene | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruna Kawaguchi and her martial artist lover, Yusuke Yaji, “After” their “lovey-dovey date scene

Haruna Kawaguchi and Yusuke Yaji in "After the Love Scoop" - A Compilation of 23 Years of Love Scoops

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It was in early April 2011 that we witnessed a “love date” between Haruna Kawaguchi ( 28) and martial artist Yusuke Yaji ( 33 ), who had reportedly broken up after five years of dating. The two were enjoying a date walking Kawaguchi’s dog, Amu. The following is a recap of the details based on an article distributed on May 1, 2011 (ages and titles in the article are current at the time of publication).

Kawaguchi with her dog’s drinking water and leash. The two of them eat together, or maybe Yaji has a plastic bag from the supermarket and a paper bag from a Japanese sweets shop in his hand.

The drama “silent” (Fuji Television) was a big hit, ranking first among the 21 companies that used the drama for commercials. Haruna Kawaguchi (28) had a busy year in 2010, appearing in two consecutive morning dramas.

She was labeled as an actress with low viewer ratings and suffered considerably since her debut, saying, “I have good material, but I can’t get a break.” She was able to clear her name by understudying Erika Sawajiri (37) in the NHK historical drama “Kirin ga Kuru” in 2008. In an effort to overcome the difficult times, I hear that he also fasted and did some serious boxing training, which he continues to do today. Through her stoic efforts, she has come to value the on/off balance quite a bit and is now able to work in a good environment,” said a source from the production company.

Kawaguchi is leading such a smooth working life, but the other day, reports of a “breakup” in her private life came to the fore. In November 2007, Kawaguchi was reported to be dating martial artist Yusuke Yaji (32), and at the beginning of their relationship, she told people around her that she wanted to marry him (Yaji). However, in an interview with a women’s magazine distributed on April 11, 2011, she said, “Actually, my priority in love is not that high right now,” and it was reported that this might be an indication of a “breakup.

However, this magazine had witnessed the two on a date just a few days before this report.

In a corner of Tokyo where luxury condominiums stand side by side, we found a fussily cute French bulldog hustling around at dusk. Kawaguchi and Yaji were walking the dog. It was this dog, Amu, that triggered their relationship discovery. It must be an everyday scene for the two.

On the way there, a man passing by saw how cute Amu was, and whether he knew she was with Kawaguchi or not, he talked to her. She was friendly and willing to chat with him. After that, they enjoyed a walk again and went back to Kawaguchi’s apartment.

Kawaguchi had previously been said to be in the second stage of marriage. With other actresses her age getting married, such as Tao Tsuchiya (28) and Yui Sakuma (28), one wonders when the timing of their marriage will be.

She has no plans to appear in a series of dramas at the moment. Since I was very busy in 2010, I am sure that the agency will let me take it easy in 2011. I think this is the right time for them to start talking about marriage. Yaji also broke his losing streak in the fall of 2010, and he is enjoying a good wave.

The two, spotted by FRIDAY, were already looking like a married couple, walking side by side in relaxed clothes without dressing each other up.

In “silent,” the actor played the role of the protagonist who maintains a pure love for eight years, and many viewers were struck by his performance. Kawaguchi’s performance must have been a true masterpiece because of her single-minded relationship with Yaji.

Although still popular, “No. 1 in the Ranking of the Number of Companies Using TV Stars in Commercials in ’23” ……

On December 13, 2011, Nihon Monitor, which conducts media research and analysis, released its “2023 Talent CM Appointment Ranking” (data from January to November 2011). Kawaguchi ranked first.

Kawaguchi, who spent a relatively leisurely year in ’23 appearing in such TV series as NHK’s “Soaring” and “Hayabusa Fire Brigade” (TV Asahi), appeared in 21 commercials, ranking No. 1 for the second year in a row.

However, Yagi Considering his age (33 years old), retirement is not far off. If she was to get married, the timing would have to be right now, but Kawaguchi is too busy…” (Entertainment agency executive)

The “65th Shining Japan Record Awards” (TBS) was broadcast on December 30, 2011! Japan Record Awards” (TBS) on December 30, 2011, as the overall female host. She is also preparing for the movie “Substitute Chushingura,” which will be released in February 2012.

Although no announcement has been made yet, they are sure to be in demand for TV dramas in 2012,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

It will be some time before we hear more “good news” from these two.

Haruna Kawaguchi: Her “single-minded devotion to her martial artist lover, Yusuke Yaji,” even after becoming a nationally known actress
Haruna Kawaguchi’s “single-minded devotion to her martial artist lover, Yusuke Yaji,” which she maintains even after becoming a nationally known actress.
Haruna Kawaguchi’s “single-minded devotion to her martial artist lover, Yusuke Yaji,” even after becoming a national actress
Haruna Kawaguchi’s “single-minded devotion to her fighter lover, Yusuke Yaji,” which she keeps even after becoming a national actress.
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