The “Royal Family” that Controlled Big Motor “Disappeared from the List” and the Former Vice President’s Unlikely Plan for New Employment | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Royal Family” that Controlled Big Motor “Disappeared from the List” and the Former Vice President’s Unlikely Plan for New Employment

Automotive journalist Kumiko Kato, who has been pursuing Big Motor's fraud allegations, delves into the latest developments.

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Former Vice President Koichi (center) playing golf. As the top management, he practically controlled Big Motor and was called the “Royal Family” with his close associates.

The “Royal Family” formed by former Vice President Koichi Kaneshige (35) and his two close associates has been engaged in a “politics of fear” for the past five to six years, which has led to frequent power harassment and demotions, and an increase in fraudulent activities such as insurance fraud claims. In proportion to this, sales have soared from 173.8 billion yen in 2005 to 520 billion yen in 2010, a threefold increase over the past six years.

On July 25, it was announced that former president Hiroyuki Kaneshige (71) and former vice president Koichi Kaneshige would be stepping down, and a new organization led by new president Shinji Izumi (54) and new vice president Mitsukuni Ishibashi (45) began. The departure of both Executive Director A and General Manager B, members of the royal family, was the focus of much attention. It was believed that even if Kaneshige and his son completely withdrew from the management of Big Motor, drastic reform would not be possible if they were to remain in the company.

It seems that there has been a new development regarding these two men. According to several people involved with Big Motor

According to several people involved with Big Motor, “Before we knew it, their names had disappeared from the employee list. It seems that they have already been removed from the management team.

What in the world is going on inside the company?

What in the world is going on inside the company? A former senior employee revealed the actual situation, saying, “This is just a rumor level.

I heard that Executive Director A and General Manager B submitted their resignation letters to the new president, Mr. Izumi. However, Mr. Izumi did not accept them. He told them that he would not allow them to quit the company and run away now. Mr. Izumi prevented the two men, who are considered to be the war criminals in the collapse of Big Motor, from “getting away with it. This is typical of the manly Mr. Izumi.

Mr. Izumi is the new president of the company. He is a man trusted by employees and is working hard to improve the fraudulent nature of the company.

It seems that the two men, who were not allowed to get away with it, have been provided with new workplaces. Another source continues, “Currently, the company is engaged in coating operations.

Another source continues, “Currently, the company is planning to establish a new company to handle the coating business. It is believed that the two will take on new duties there.

Coating” is also known as “glass coating. In recent years, this coating, along with tire coating and window coating, has been widely recommended by new car dealers and others. This coating is a highly profitable option when selling a car. In the past, Big Motor included this coating as a mandatory option that could not be excluded from the quotation. While the price was high (approximately 100,000 yen), there were frequent cases where the coating was not actually applied, resulting in a constant stream of complaints. Currently, it has been removed as a required option from the quotation.

The two members of the Royal Family are believed to have been appointed to be in charge of the project, but more surprising information has come in.

It seems that Koichi, the former vice president of the company, paid for the establishment of the company. There are rumors that Koichi was scheming overseas to acquire foreign capital by relying on a friend from his days at Waseda University. Is this an attempt to take responsibility for the collapse of Big Motor, or is it a setup to re-employ two people who have been loyal to the company? Since the plan is still in progress, we cannot be sure of its true intentions. ……

While the Royal Family’s intentions are stirring, the company continues to face a difficult situation. It is known that Big Motor requested refinancing of 9 billion yen in loans from several correspondent banks on the 10th of this month. The company is currently awaiting responses from the banks.

The banks will probably make a very tough decision on the refinancing of the 9 billion yen. This is because, although it has retained earnings, Big Motor, which is currently closed and unable to properly sell, buy, or conduct insurance business, expects to run out of funds in about six months. Recently, JACCS, a major consumer credit company that had half of the contracts, suspended new loan contracts, and there is a possibility that Orico will also suspend contracts, and if that happens, it will be even sooner,” said the company’s president.

Big Motor plans to release about 12,000 of its inventory vehicles at auction starting next week to secure cash. However, there is a big possibility that the company will be bought out due to the time required to change the owner’s name due to the change of representative, which will not occur until September. There is a mountain of issues both inside and outside the company.

  • Interview and text by Kumiko Kato PHOTO Shinji Hasuo (Izumi's new president)

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