The “Moms’ Bulletin Board” became “very stormy” after the marriage of Mami Mizuto and Rinya Nakamura of Nippon TV. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Moms’ Bulletin Board” became “very stormy” after the marriage of Mami Mizuto and Rinya Nakamura of Nippon TV.

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NTV Announcer Asami Mizuto Announces Marriage to Actor Rinya Nakamura

The sudden marriage of actor Nakamura Rinya and NTV announcer Mizuto Asami took the whole country by surprise. Both the entertainment world and the TV world were all celebrating, but there were also those who were scornful of the marriage.

The two first met while co-hosting a TV program, and Nakamura made a strong approach to the couple, which led to their goal line. The two never went out together to avoid being seen, and their dates were usually at each other’s homes.

A reporter in charge of entertainment for a sports newspaper said, “I knew about their relationship and marriage.

Only a few people knew about their relationship and marriage. They were very secretive about their relationship and marriage, taking care of their fans. It is almost impossible for the entertainment media to catch them dating if they are this cautious.

“The media was so cautious that it was almost impossible to catch them in a relationship,” he said, raising the white flag.

The Internet was flooded with congratulatory messages. Especially for Mizuto, who was thought to have no luck with men, the good news was greeted with a flood of congratulatory messages on the Internet.

Congratulations, Mizuto!
I was really surprised. Please be happy.
I’m as happy as if it were me.

I’m as happy as if it were me.

On the March 27 broadcast of Mizuto’s regular program “ZIP! (NTV) on March 27, her husband, Nakamura, “interrupted” her as she was reporting on her marriage. They said that they came to the station to report their marriage to the “bigwigs” at Nippon TV, and they were the first couple to be photographed together in the studio with a pin microphone attached.

Mizuto said

I will make him happy!

Nakamura, who made a surprise appearance, was asked what he liked about her.

Nakamura, who made a surprise appearance, was asked what he liked about her: “Well, may I ask you to spread your hands?
And “These exquisitely short arms…”

Nakamura’s comment was met with some consternation.

Nakamura’s comment was criticized by some as

“Isn’t that harassment?”

Nakamura’s comment was also pointed out as harassment.

What was “rougher” than that was a certain “moms’ bulletin board.

When they first announced their marriage

“You two make a perfect couple.”
“I wish you all the best.”

But when Nippon TV began to push their marriage to the public, the message boards were filled with comments such as “I’ve had enough.

I’ve had enough of this.
“Isn’t this something that should not be discussed at length on an information program?”

However, as NTV began to push their marriage more and more, opinions such as “I’ve had enough of this” and “It’s not something that should be discussed at length on an information program” began to gradually increase.

Indeed, it is true that not only Mizuto’s programs, but also her colleague Mami Sugino introduced their history on “news every. Saturday” broadcast on the 25th of last month. Mizuto said of Nakamura’s favorite thing about her: “The way she cooks delicious meals.”

Mizuto said, “The way he cooks delicious meals.

She also revealed that Mizuto had told her that what she liked about Nakamura was that he “cooks delicious meals.

On the March 28 broadcast of Nippon TV’s “The Forest at Midnight,” Nakamura wrote a letter to Mizuto, who appears on the program. There, she wrote

I have married Ms. Mami Mizuto, the first assistant of “NFL Club” and my overwhelmingly ideal boss, who is also the deputy chief of NTV’s public address department.

My ideal boss mainly sleeps on the floor like a seal at home.

The ideal boss mainly sleeps on the floor at home, like a seal.

The aforementioned “moms’ bulletin board” reacted sensitively to this exchange.

Another surprise!
Nakamura Rinya is making a lot of fun.
I didn’t know he was this kind of character.
He’s blabbermouth, but he’s still showing off his love for her.

Nakamura Rinya’s character is a bit of a blur, but he’s still showing lovey-dovey charm.

The opinions of the viewers included: “Nippon TV’s presence has been waning recently, with TBS and TV Asahi far behind in the WBC broadcasts. I think they wanted to appeal to the public with the marriage of Mizuto-announcer.

However, be careful not to get too excited. It seems that Mizuto will continue to use the incident in her programs, but it will create a gap between her character and that of Mizuto, and viewers are likely to be more confused than before.

It seems that too much sharing of happiness can be a little too much, and it can become a bit boring.

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