Celebrating 10 years of marriage…! Aya Matsuura “The site of love that I have nurtured since my idol days” Photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating 10 years of marriage…! Aya Matsuura “The site of love that I have nurtured since my idol days” Photo

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Matsuura shows up at Tachibana’s apartment late at night with a large baggage (February ’05).

《As always, we are good friends. Thanks for the congratulations!

Keita Tachibana (37) of “w-inds.” reported his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife Aya Matsuura (37) on Instagram. He uploaded a black-and-white wedding photo of the two smiling at each other with the caption, “A treasured photo from #10years ago.

Matsuura and Tachibana announced their marriage on August 4, 2001, on the official website of their respective agencies. In her comment at the time, Matsuura mentioned that their relationship had been reported several times in the past and apologized for not being able to make a proper report, saying, “We decided to make our statement at the timing of our marriage so as not to cause trouble for all those involved, including my fans who support me. I apologize for not being able to make a proper announcement.

He also apologized for not being able to make a proper report. He has been there for all of my youth, including the sad times, painful times, happy times, and fun times.

This magazine first scooped their relationship in March 2005. At the time, Matsuura was a super idol nicknamed “Aya” and loved by the public.

Matsuura debuted in 2001 at the age of 14 as the younger sister of Morning Musume。 “Matsuura made her debut in 2001 at the age of 14 as the younger sister of Morning Musume。 Although an idol since her debut, she had a string of hit songs such as “♡Momoiro Katasoi♡” and “Yeah! She was also ranked No. 1 in the female category in the 2004 CM talent likability rating.

She was dressed all in black and wearing black sunglasses when she stepped out of a cab with her hands full of shopping bags in her hands at the luxury condominium where Tachibana lived. The contents of the shopping bag, which could be seen through the bag, were toilet paper, cup noodles, and other daily necessities. The then 18-year-old idol showed up at her boyfriend’s apartment with luggage like a housewife.

The next morning, she came out of the entrance of the apartment and got into a cab and drove away, carrying only her own bag, a complete change from the large luggage she had when she arrived. Besides that day, the two of them went back and forth to each other’s apartments every day. On a day shortly before Valentine’s Day, Matsuura was seen visiting Tachibana’s apartment with a paper bag with a red ribbon attached.

At the time, Matsuura’s office denied any relationship with Tachibana, saying in response to an interview by this magazine, “I heard that she is one of my friends. Like Matsuura, Tachibana belonged to the three-member dance vocal unit “w-inds.”, an idol group that was very popular among junior high and high school girls. Tachibana, in particular, was ranked No. 3 in “Men I Want to Hug. It is understandable that their office did not approve of their relationship.

There was a period of time immediately after this magazine’s report when the two women distanced themselves a bit, but their relationship continued nonetheless. In 2011, Matsuura announced that she had endometriosis and had to cut back on her entertainment activities. Tachibana must have been in Matsuura’s “all of her youth. Eight years after this magazine’s report, they announced their marriage and were able to report it to their fans.

At the end of ’13, the year of her marriage, Matsuura indefinitely suspended her entertainment activities, and since then she has not been active in the public eye. As with this 10th wedding anniversary, all reports of the birth of their three children and other events were announced on Tachibana’s SNS and other media.

However, last April, she appeared in a commercial for “Nescafe Exela” for the first time in 11.5 years, and many people responded to her unchanged clear voice played in the commercial song. In November, she delivered “Addicted,” her first new song in 13.5 years produced by Tachibana. The day when she resumes her activities in earnest may be near.

As an idol, Matsuura cherished her fans and her own love. We hope to see her again as a mother after her marriage.

The morning after the photo at the beginning of this article, I get into the cab that picks me up. He seems to have left all the luggage he brought the night before.
Shortly before Valentine’s Day, he brought a bag covered with ribbons
He was also carrying a large shopping bag that day
Keita Tachibana sometimes visited Matsuura’s apartment
Appeared on the first pitch ceremony at Osaka Dome in a PR outfit for “Alegria” (May ’05)
After the first pitch, she commented, “I was very nervous because the atmosphere was different from a concert.
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