Yumi Adachi is dating an actor 11 years younger than her Ex-Husband and Recently Spotted in Downtown Stroll with Ex-Husband | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yumi Adachi is dating an actor 11 years younger than her Ex-Husband and Recently Spotted in Downtown Stroll with Ex-Husband

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Yumi Adachi spends her private time with her ex-husband, photographer Tomoki Kuwashima

In mid-March, around noon, in the nostalgic district of Yanagibashi, Taito Ward, Tokyo, Yumi Adachi (42) was spotted. It seemed to be a private outing; about five minutes after entering an antique shop made of stone, she emerged with a tall man. And it wasn’t the young actor who is currently a hot topic, but her ex-husband and photographer, Tomoki Kuwajima (45).

Speaking of Adachi, her romance was just reported on April 13 by “Sports Hochi.” According to the article, the man in question is actor Katsuhito Suzuki (31).

“Suzuki rose to fame after winning the runner-up prize at the ‘Junon Super Boy Contest,’ which is a gateway for young actors to enter the industry. He made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2012 and gained popularity by starring in the Super Sentai series ‘Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters’ (TV Asahi). Since then, he has been active in various fields including dramas, movies, and stage performances. Suzuki and Adachi co-starred in the stage play ‘Watako wa Motsureru’ in May last year, where Suzuki played Adachi’s character’s extramarital affair partner. It seems they hit it off there and their relationship developed.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Following the report, various media outlets reached out to both agencies for confirmation. Suzuki’s agency responded,

“We cannot comment on private matters as the agency is not involved.” (Oricon News)

However, Adachi’s agency stated,

“Regarding today’s report, it is an article that differs from the facts.” (Oricon News)

denying the dating report.

“Adachi announced her divorce from photographer Kuwajima, whom she remarried in 2014, just last December. According to ‘Sports Hochi,’ Adachi and Suzuki met last summer, so if their relationship had developed before the divorce, it could be suspected as adultery. That’s why they can’t easily admit to it.” (Senior executive of a well-established entertainment agency)

In 2005, Adachi married Jun Ito (51) from “Speed Wagon”. They had a daughter but divorced in 2009. She remarried Kuwajima in 2014 and had a son, but they announced their divorce at the end of last year. Adachi posted on her own SNS:

“I am very grateful to have spent ten years together, and our photos will continue to evolve and continue in the future.”

She revealed her intention to continue the relationship between subject and photographer even as she put an end to her married life. When this magazine discovered the two, although they appeared to be a friendly couple to onlookers, glimpses of moments as subject and photographer could also be seen.

Returning to the beginning, after leaving the antique shop, the two began taking photos with the nearby building’s wall as a backdrop. At first, Adachi seemed embarrassed by the passersby, but as Kuwajima’s requests got her into the mood, she started posing and smiling for the camera. Later, they got into a nearby parked car and drove away.

“Although they have just divorced, their relationship remains good, and it seems that for the sake of the children, Kuwajima regularly visits Adachi and the children’s home. He also goes out to eat with the eldest daughter from Ito. They seem to get along quite well.” (Adachi’s acquaintance)

Amidst this, news of Adachi’s new romantic interest emerges. The future of this new romance remains uncertain. Let’s wait and see how it unfolds.

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At first, Adachi looked embarrassed by passersby passing in front of him.
They looked more like a friendly couple than a photographer and an actress.
Adachi looks at the camera with a melancholy expression on her face as if she is getting into the mood.
The two were constantly laughing during the shoot.
Adachi was walking around downtown in a gal-type fashion, wearing a denim mini-skirt and black boots. She looks very much like she did one month after giving birth to her first child (May ’06).
In fact, her husband, Idoda, was found to be having an affair immediately after the birth of their child in April. However, even at that time, she was still working as a mother, buying childcare magazines at a bookstore (May ’06).
In June ’06, she appeared in a recording session for “Soreike! Anpanman” (June 2006). It was her first public appearance since the revelation of her affair with Mr. Itoda, but she was all smiles as she said, “I believe in Jun-san.
At the launch of the drama “Mother Game: The Class of Women” (TBS). She was dressed in a revealing outfit, but she was wearing a cloak to protect her exposed parts (July 3, 2015 issue).
Yumi Adachi’s Instagram (from @_yumi_adachi)
Yumi Adachi’s Instagram (from @_yumi_adachi)
Yumi Adachi’s Instagram (from @_yumi_adachi)
An image taken by Mr. Kuwashima on the day of the date (from Yumi Adachi’s Instagram @_yumi_adachi)
Image supposedly taken by Mr. Kuwashima on the day of the date (from Yumi Adachi’s Instagram @_yumi_adachi)
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