Scoop! Aimyon and her boyfriend, Sekaiyomi Ozaki, date at a high-class sushi restaurant with a “marriage countdown! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Scoop! Aimyon and her boyfriend, Sekaiyomi Ozaki, date at a high-class sushi restaurant with a “marriage countdown!

It's been four years since the first reports of their love affair, and although there were rumors of a breakup, they are still in the midst of a relationship. ...... After dinner, they went home together.

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Aimyon and Ozaki leaving the restaurant. Both of them are big drinkers, and they seemed to have enjoyed the sake at the restaurant with their fine sushi.


Around 7:00 p.m. on a midsummer evening, when the evening cicadas were chirping, Aimyon, 28, a singer-songwriter, was walking on a hot and humid street in Minami-Aoyama. She was checking her phone and scurrying around.

She has been quite busy of late, releasing a new song in June and a new movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki, in which she participated as a voice actor, in July. Her four-month national tour finally wrapped up at the end of July. Now she seems to have calmed down a bit and can take some time for herself,” said a source from the record company.

After a five-minute, slightly sweaty walk, she arrived at a small building. When she noticed a middle-aged man standing at the entrance who appeared to be an acquaintance, she smiled. We exchanged pleasantries and walked down the stairs to the basement.

In the basement of this building is a high-end sushi restaurant that has just opened. It’s a hidden gem, with only eight seats at the counter.

I love salmon roe! I love salmon roe! Aimyon professes to “love salmon roe!” It seems that on this day, she was enjoying high-class sushi at her favorite restaurant.

After that, Aimyon left the restaurant around 11 pm. She was happily chatting with another man who was not visible when she entered the restaurant with a male acquaintance. He had black mushroom hair and was dressed in rough clothes. The man’s face is illuminated by the streetlight, bringing out his expression. The man beside her with a big smile on his face was Ozaki, 38, of Creep Hype, with whom she had reportedly had a relationship four years earlier.

Ozaki and Aimyon met in the spring of 2006. Aimyon participated in a project in which several artists sang a song titled “Shiori,” which Ozaki wrote the lyrics and music for. Later, in June ’19, it was reported that the two were passionately in love.

In November 2008, this magazine caught them on a moon viewing date. After that, there were no reports about their relationship, and in the fall of ’20, Aimyon got a short cut and even rumors of a breakup were circulating. ……

After leaving the restaurant, the three chatted for a while in front of the restaurant. Aimyon turned toward Ozaki throughout the conversation, staring into his face with dull eyes.

After the news report, neither of them hid their relationship, introducing each other to their friends and attending New Year’s parties with their mutual friends. Ozaki, who had the image of a young band member, will turn 40 the year after next. It may only be a matter of time before he decides to marry Aimyon, who has always had a strong desire to get married.

After being seen off by a male acquaintance, the two got into a cab and disappeared into the same apartment. When Masaki Suda (30) and Nana Komatsu (27), who are good friends of hers, announced their marriage, she congratulated them with a big smile and said, “I’m getting married! Aimyon was so excited that she congratulated them. The day is near when her “four-year love” will come to fruition.

They were walking apart on the way home, but there were scenes of them slapping each other’s buttocks and playing with each other in their neighborhood.
Aimyon’s father works in the music business and has openly stated that his ideal type is a father. Ozaki is the perfect marriage partner.
Aimyon’s date with Sekaiyoshi Ozaki at a high-class sushi restaurant!
Aimyon and Sekaiyoshi Ozaki on a date at an upscale sushi restaurant!
Aimyon and Sekaiyomi Ozaki on a date at an upscale sushi restaurant!

From the August 18 and 25, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

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