Motherhood”… “After” Sentai Heroine Kazusa Okuyama “Married TV Asahi Announcer from Tokyo University Baseball Club | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Motherhood”… “After” Sentai Heroine Kazusa Okuyama “Married TV Asahi Announcer from Tokyo University Baseball Club

23-year hot love scoop compilation "After that hot love scoop" Sentai heroine and announcer from the University of Tokyo baseball team

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It was on Valentine’s Day, February 14 , 2011, that Kazusa Okuyama ( 29), popular for her role as the heroine in “Police Sentai Patranger” ( ’18, TV Asahi), announced her marriage to TV Asahi announcer Koki Takekuma ( 26 ), a “University of Tokyo baseball graduate. At first, however, Okuyama’s side announced that Takekuma was a “regular person… . We will recount the details based on the article distributed on March 24, ’23 (ages and titles in the article are as of the time of publication).

It was early March ’23, a sunny spring day. A woman emerged from a single person’s apartment in Tokyo carrying a garbage bag. She is Kazusa Okuyama, 29, an actress who announced her marriage on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011.

Dressed in top and bottom sweatshirts, Okuyama returned to her apartment after throwing out the trash. She must be living a happy newlywed life. However, there is one fact about her marriage that she has not disclosed. An acquaintance of the couple said.

When she announced her marriage, she said, ‘My partner is a company employee. It is true that he is a company employee, but in fact, the man she is marrying is a rookie announcer for TV Asahi.

Okuyama won the runner-up prize in the “Miss Beautiful 20s” contest in 2004. She gained popularity for her role as the heroine in “Lupin Ranger vs. Police Sentai Patranger” (’18, TV Asahi). She is also very active in gravure with her outstanding style. Who is the TV Asahi announcer who won her over?

She is a new recruit, Mitsuki Mukuma, 25. She is from Kagoshima Prefecture and entered the University of Tokyo after graduating from Tsurumaru High School. He played fourth on the baseball team. He had a sweet mask and a well-trained body, so he was very popular among students at ……” (a former acquaintance).

Okuyama, an actress, and Mukuma, a rookie announcer. How did they meet?

Okuyama played softball in high school, and Okuyama played softball in high school. Okuyama also played softball through high school and is known to be a big baseball fan. I think they got to know each other through their baseball hobbies. Since Takekuma is a rookie, they probably decided to announce their marriage only after they had settled down at work.

This magazine repeatedly caught Okuyama and Takekuma going in and out of the same apartment building, and directly interviewed them when they returned home together.

–Mr. Okuyama, it’s Friday.

Okuyama “(chuckles a little) It’s okay.”

–Congratulations on your marriage to Mr. Takeguma.

Okuyama “Hi, thank you.

–How did you meet?

Okuyama “Ahahaha.”

Takekuma “(with a gentle smile) The company told me to go through the public relations department, so I can’t tell you anything.

–Both of you like baseball. ……

Takekuma: “Thank you for all your hard work over the years.”

Okuyama: “Thank you very much.”

They entered the apartment without stopping, but their smiles were full of happiness.

When we confirmed the facts with Okuyama’s agency and TV Asahi, their respective responses were, “Since this is a private matter, we will refrain from giving an answer,” and “We do not conventionally give answers regarding the private lives of our employees.

She declared, “I’m going to concentrate on raising my child for the time being,” but after two months she returned to work and “became a mother.”

Okuyama updated her Instagram by April 10, 2011.

She wrote, “As I announced on our office website the other day, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I have just gotten married. I am blessed with a wonderful marriage that is too good for me, and I feel happier every day.”

He once again reported his marriage to Takeguma Anna. He continued,

I hope we can grow together while supporting each other as a couple. I hope you will warmly watch over us.

She also announced that she was pregnant with her first child. She gave birth to her first child in August 2011. In the announcement, she said she would concentrate on raising her child for the time being. However, just two months later, on October 21, 2011, she appeared on stage at a movie theater in Tokyo to greet the audience for “Boring End Roll,” in which she starred,

I became a mother.

I became a mother,” she reported.

This is Okuyama’s first starring role in a movie, and the director is Mr. Tete Inoue, who worked on the Super Sentai series. Okuyama has also appeared on stage with the theater company “Gekidan Macarista” organized by Mr. Inoue, so the two are old acquaintances. It seems that the filming was quite enjoyable, and Okuyama even said in his greeting, “I am very attached to this film,” so I guess he wanted to be in it even if it meant pushing himself too hard.

Okuyama seems to be in good physical condition. His performance in 2012 is already being anticipated.

Okuyama and Takekuma returned home with plastic bags in their hands and chatting. The day before this was Okuyama’s 29th birthday.
Anna Takeguma commuting to work. She currently appears on “Good! Morning” as a field caster.
Kazusa Okuyama, a heroine of the squadron, is married to a “new TV Asahi announcer” who is four years younger than her!
Kazusa Okuyama is married to a new TV Asahi announcer who is 4 years younger than her!
Kazusa Okuyama, a TROOPER heroine, is married to a “new TV Asahi announcer” four years younger than her!
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