Apparel brand is doing very well… “Entrepreneur” Tatsuya Yamaguchi and Tomoya Nagase, who lives for his hobbies, may “return to TOKIO | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Apparel brand is doing very well… “Entrepreneur” Tatsuya Yamaguchi and Tomoya Nagase, who lives for his hobbies, may “return to TOKIO

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I doubt these two will ever return to TOKIO…

The “Johnny’s sexual assault issue” has finally reached the United Nations, but no significant progress has been made. The perpetrator has already passed away, and it can be said that the celebrities are blameless, but is this really the right course of action? A special recurrence prevention team at the office has conducted interviews with talents who have left Johnny’s….

Former TOKIO members Tatsuya Yamaguchi (51) and Tomoya Nagase (44). It is not certain if interviews were conducted with these two, but they must be of concern to fans.

Yamaguchi had been away from the entertainment world since the incident in 2006, and his return to the entertainment world was said to be hopeless due to the drunken driving accident he caused in 2008. Since then, there has been no mention of Yamaguchi on the Internet, but in March of this year, he established “Yamaguchi Tatsuya Co.

The new company’s business includes “Lecture activities for various addicts,” “Various crisis management seminars for companies,” “Advisor for SDGs activities,” etc. He has acquired various certifications, such as “ASK certified instructor certification for drunk driving prevention” and “JADP certified mental health counselor certification,” which shows his enthusiasm for a fresh start. His enthusiasm for a fresh start can be felt.

Nagase left the Johnny’s s office in March 2009,

“I’m going to create a new form of work from scratch as a backstage worker,” he said.

It was thought that Nagase would continue to be involved in his favorite music as a behind-the-scenes artist. However, no overt activities were seen, and in July 2009, a women’s magazine reported that he was working on a movie production. Since then, he has graced the covers of a motorcycle magazine and a bass fishing magazine, but his musical activities have not been seen, and most of the images posted on his Instagram, which lists “expressive person” in the profile section, are pictures of his hobbies, including fishing and his beloved Harley motorcycle.

Nevertheless, in February of this year, Nagase was spotted at a live performance celebrating the 14th anniversary of an apparel brand owned by a childhood friend of Nagase’s. Standing at the center of the five-member band with his guitar was the unmistakable “Tomoya Nagase” with long hair and a wild beard. According to an editor of a music magazine,

The band is called KODE TALKERS, and Nagase looked happy and lively throughout the live performance. It was released in June, but it hasn’t attracted as much attention as I thought it would. He is going to work behind the scenes, and it might have been better for him.

He is scheduled to perform live in September, but tickets are sold out and his popularity is as high as ever. We look forward to seeing what they will do in the future, but what we are wondering is whether there is a possibility that Yamaguchi and Nagase will be back with “TOKIO” and make a full return to the entertainment world.

When Shigeru Johjima, Taichi Kokubun, and Masahiro Matsuoka established “TOKIO Inc.”, albeit an affiliate of Johnny’s, it was thought that it would be a receptacle for Yamaguchi to return to show business, but after Yamaguchi had a drunken driving accident in September of the same year, the talk of joining forces faded away.

However, in May of last year, Kokubu launched a new company, TOKIO-BA, with no capital from Johnny’s as president. This made it easier for both Yamaguchi and Nagase to rejoin TOKIO, but….

I wonder if Yamaguchi-kun will find a place that will readily accept him back into the entertainment world, or if he will be able to perform well even if he comes back. I have heard that he has no intention of returning to the entertainment business since he himself has made up his mind to start his own business” (an executive of a well-established entertainment professional).

Nagase’s Instagram page is a parade of photos of him riding his Harley, playing guitar, and fishing. Nagase’s Instagram feed shows him living a freewheeling life. Although it seems that his only work is his band activities, he is actually developing a fashion brand “Challenger” based on the concept of “American Garage,” and its sales are booming.

He is actually developing a fashion brand “Challenger” based on the concept of “American Garage,” and sales of the brand are booming. If he is so eager to be free to do whatever he wants, he would not think of returning to a troublesome place with many ties. Even if the company is not related to Johnny’s, TOKIO is still Johnny’s group. Well, I don’t know what will happen 10 years from now, but I guess they don’t want to be associated with Johnny’s anymore after all the problems that have erupted.

Fans have been longing for the day when the five members of TOKIO will appear together, but it does not seem to be that easy.

Tatsuya Yamaguchi now working as an entrepreneur
Tomoya Nagase lives for his hobbies
Masahiro Matsuoka (left) and Taichi Kokubun (right) are doing well after independence
Shigeru Johjima (left) has been worried about his health recently
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