I pity him too much. …… The unexpected “splash” that “Speed Wagon” Jun Idoda receives for Hitoshi Matsumoto’s woman problem. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I pity him too much. …… The unexpected “splash” that “Speed Wagon” Jun Idoda receives for Hitoshi Matsumoto’s woman problem.

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Speedwagon member Kazutaka Ozawa (50), who was reported by the weekly Bunshun magazine to have been “a female attendant” for Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto (60), has decided to refrain from entertainment activities from January 13.

Idoda will continue his solo activities for a while.

When interviewed by Bunshun, the female victims confessed that Matsumoto had forced them to engage in sexual acts at a foreign-affiliated hotel in Tokyo. To this, Matsumoto responded, ‘There are no facts. He is ready to sue Bungei Shunju, the publisher, as an individual, and made the decision to suspend his own entertainment activities in order to concentrate on the trial. It is not easy to determine the facts of her conduct behind closed doors, and the trial will probably take years to complete.

In addition to Matsumoto, Kazutaka Ozawa was the other person whose actual name was mentioned in the Shukan Bunshun article that triggered the lawsuit. Ozawa’s office announced on January 9 that he would “continue his activities as before. The office refuted the claim that there was nothing wrong with Ozawa’s words and actions, saying, There is absolutely no fact that we set up drinking parties for the purpose ofsexual intercourse,” but only four days after that, Ozawa refrained from his activities. What in the world was going on behind the scenes?

One of the executives at a local station revealed, “It seems that the major reason was the unmanageable flood of complaints from viewers and sponsors (……).

“It was the local TV stations that were actively using Ozawa, whose appearances on key stations had been decreasing. The local TV stations were very allergic to Ozawa’s appearance, which is why they were very reluctant to use him. There were even people who said, ‘We won’t use Ozawa at all in the future. In addition to the flood of complaints from viewers and sponsors, the production staff at the local stations were very disappointed. They feel betrayed.

In fact, it was his partner Jun Idoda (51) who has been steadily cultivating work at local stations.

He is from Aichi Prefecture, but his work in Tokyo declined sharply for a time due to his divorce. He sought a way of life in his hometown. He saved on travel expenses by packing up his work. He offered to split the cost of travel with his parents. He even refused to pay for lodging, saying, “I’m staying at my parents’ house, so I don’t need it. Since TV stations were cutting back on production costs, many fans were moved by such an attitude of Idoda.

The reason why he does not cut corners even on late-night shows is because he is determined to continue working in his hometown until the end of his career. Ozawa was the one who was taking advantage of this. This time, the duo will stop working together. There is a possibility that Iota will be held jointly and severally liable. I can’t help but feel pity for Idoda.

The executive at the local station stressed that Ozawa would be banned from appearing on TV stations in our area for some time to come. He continued.

In these days of strict compliance, just because an allegation of sexual assault has surfaced, he is out of the picture. Every station would make such a decision.

Although it will be several years before it is known whether the allegations are true or not, it is an undeniable fact that Ozawa has become a drag on Idoda.

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