Jun Idoda Reveals Reason for Divorce from Yumi Adachi, but Social Networking Sites Are Filled with “Could it be because of Adultery? The social networking sites were full of criticisms of the divorce. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Jun Idoda Reveals Reason for Divorce from Yumi Adachi, but Social Networking Sites Are Filled with “Could it be because of Adultery? The social networking sites were full of criticisms of the divorce.

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Jun Idoda denies “adultery allegations” in a direct interview (May 5, ’06 issue)

Jun Idoda, 51, of the comedy duo Speedwagon, appeared on the February 13 broadcast of “Odoru! Sanma Goten! (Nippon Television Network Corporation) on February 13, and talked about the reasons for his divorce from his ex-wife, Yumi Adachi (42).

When model Shimon Okura, who appeared in “Married Couples’ Differences SP,” spoke of his wife Michopa’s (Miyu Ikeda) dissatisfaction with her mother-in-law, Idoda responded, “I never listen to what my mother-in-law says,

When model Shimon Okura expressed his dissatisfaction with his wife Michyopa’s (Miyu Ikeda) mother-in-law on “The Differences Between Husbands and Wives SP,” Idoda replied, “What the mother-in-law says is absolute. I don’t know if I should say this here, but that’s why I failed last time. My mother-in-law is absolute.

The studio was filled with laughter. Of course, it was just an episodic talk to liven things up, but the social networking sites were filled with laughter,

Poor Mr. Adachi. Her mother exposed it, her ex-husband exposed it, it’s just awful.

I’m sure that Ms. Idoda’s adultery had a big influence on the divorce, but I wonder how she feels about blaming her mother-in-law for everything.

Some commenters cited Idoda’s “adultery” 15 years ago, which is said to be one of the reasons for their divorce, as one of the reasons.

The two married in September 2005. At that time, Adachi was two months pregnant, and she revealed at her wedding press conference that they met in April of the same year.’ Their first child was born in April of 2006, but two weeks later, Adachi’s infidelity was reported in “FRIDAY. He had a secret meeting with a woman at a hotel, and it was nine days before the birth.

It was in April 2006 (May 5, 2006 issue) that “FRIDAY” reported the scene of Idoda’s “hotel affair.

A “sweet night” with his ex-girlfriend just before the birth of his beloved daughter

In the evening of early April ’06, Idoda, wearing a cap and sunglasses, entered a city hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo, alone. He walked straight through the front desk and boarded the elevator after seeing that the hall was empty. In fact, a beautiful woman in a white trench coat with long, slender legs had checked in 30 minutes earlier.

At the time, we asked an acquaintance of Mr. N for details about the two.

[Ms. N was an actress active mainly on stage, and Mr. Idoda had been dating her for about three years; Mr. N learned of her marriage to Mr. Adachi three days before the announcement, during which time she was being two-timed without being told anything. However, even after Mr. Idoda’s marriage, Ms. N. met with him, unable to refuse his advances.

It was four hours after entering the hotel that Idoda came out of the hotel. In response to a direct interview by this magazine, Iota denied going to the hotel or meeting with Ms. N. He denied the existence of Ms. N herself, saying, “I don’t know.

Adachi, on the other hand, made her first public appearance since giving birth a month later, in June 2006, for an open recording of an anime. At a press conference after the recording, Adachi was asked about Idoda’s infidelity,

I was surprised and complained, but I was convinced by his behavior and love. I believe in Jun-san.

I believe in Jun-san,” she said,

I think I’m in a better position than him.

He made the press laugh by saying, “I think I’m in a better position than him.

After the divorce, when asked directly by a reporter, “Was it your mother-in-law who caused the divorce? Idoda responded, “Is it because of my mother-in-law?

However, on January 8, 2009, Idoda and Adachi announced their divorce. Three days later, this magazine visited Idoda’s apartment to ask the truth about their separation (January 30, 2009 issue). We directly interviewed Idoda, who came out wearing a knit cap after 10:00 p.m.. I asked him if the affair was the reason,

He flatly denied that it was.

He flatly denied it. In fact, about a year ago, a women’s magazine had reported that Adachi and his mother were not getting along and that his mother had declared him “banned” from the family home. When I mentioned this and asked if the disagreement with her mother-in-law was the cause of their divorce, she replied, “No, not at all,

She replied, “That is not true at all. On the contrary, I was surprised to read that in a weekly magazine.

I was surprised to read that in a weekly magazine,” she clearly denied it.

Fourteen years have passed since then, and in September 2010, Idoda remarried model Yanumi Hachiya (31).

On talk variety shows, he has been sharing episodes of his married life, appealing to the audience as a “loving husband and wife. With his partner Kazutaka Ozawa (50)’s return undecided, I hear that offers to appear on the show are increasing for Idoda, who is struggling on his own.

However, it seems that social networking sites did not tolerate his act of trying to make fun of his past infidelity by talking about it as if it was caused by his mother-in-law, while keeping it under wraps.

There is no doubt that she lowered the man’s profile by daring to touch a past that she did not need to touch.

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The marriage announcement was made in September 2005. Yumi Adachi was two months pregnant at the time.
Jun Idoda leaving the hotel after a secret meeting with his ex-girlfriend (left) (May 5, 2006 issue)
Jun Idoda leaving the hotel after a secret meeting with his ex-girlfriend (May 5, 2006 issue).
Ms. N checked out of the hotel the day after her secret hotel meeting with Jun Idoda. She is a woman of great style (May 5, ’06 issue).
Jun Idoda answers a direct question from this magazine immediately after his divorce from Yumi Adachi (January 30, 2009 issue).
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