Concerns Mount Over Changes in Kako and Komuro’s Relationship Amidst Akishino Family’s Severed Ties | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Concerns Mount Over Changes in Kako and Komuro’s Relationship Amidst Akishino Family’s Severed Ties

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Princess Mako and Kei, whose current place of residence is now unknown.

“If it doesn’t work out, we can just get a divorce.”

Before her marriage, Princess Mako of Akishino reportedly confided in those around her with sentiments like this.

However, it seems that their marital relationship remains unchanged and good. Perhaps the significant increase in her husband’s income has reassured Princess Mako.

“In December last year, the New York law firm ‘Lowenstein Sandler,’ where Komuro works, announced an increase in the annual income of young lawyers to prevent talent outflow. Komuro’s income has doubled to about 38 million yen a year.” (Royal correspondent)

While Kei’s career is flourishing, there have been some intriguing developments regarding his mother, Kiyoko Komuro.

“It was reported that Kiyoko, who lives in a home in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, has been living a better life than before. Witnesses say she has been seen wearing brand-name clothes.

Even Kiyoko’s father, who lives with her, seems to have changed his usual attire, becoming more fashionable. Speculation suggests that with Kei’s income doubling, the financial support to their family home has increased, raising their standard of living.” (Same royal correspondent)

Since Kei was transferred to a department responsible for international trade and national security from June last year, some speculated that he had already left New York and moved to Washington. However, according to an article published by “Gendai Business” on the 1st of this month, the latest version of the “List of Law Firms with Japanese Language Capabilities” released by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in New York at the end of January includes Komuro’s name as the contact person for his law firm, suggesting that he is still likely in New York.

“Whether it’s New York or Washington, the local Japanese consulate general would presumably have knowledge of the whereabouts of the Komuro couple. However, what’s concerning is whether Princess Mako’s estranged parents, who are no longer in contact with her, are aware of their new address.” (Imperial Household Agency source)

It’s reported that the Crown Prince and Princess Akishino still haven’t had direct communication with Princess Mako.

“Since her trip to the United States in November 2021, Princess Mako has reportedly only been in contact with trusted friends, not even her parents. During the 3 years and 9 months of the postponed engagement, Princess Mako would open her computer in her room at the Akishino residence and hold what you might call ‘online drinking parties.’ Among the participants in these gatherings, there was only one person she truly confided in.

It seems she remains cautious even with other people, such as Japanese individuals she meets in the United States, and doesn’t readily form close bonds. I believe she’s become weary of the current situation where she’s regularly targeted by paparazzi even after marrying and relocating overseas. She may also fear that if she were to update her parents on her current situation, the news might leak to Japanese press clubs.” (Same Imperial Household Agency source)

While even Crown Prince and Princess Akishino may not be aware of Princess Mako’s current situation, it’s highly likely that Kiyoko Komuro is well informed. This is because:

“Firstly, Kiyoko has a stronger bond with Kei than typical parent-child relationships, perhaps due to her being a single mother. Kei has been known to say since his student days, ‘I will protect my mother.’ Even when financial troubles arose, Kei continued to defend Kiyoko, insisting that the money in question was not borrowed but given as a gift.

Now that they live separately in Japan and the United States, Kiyoko, who continues to be targeted by the media in Japan, must be deeply concerned. Princess Mako is also said to confide in Kiyoko, and it’s likely that the three of them regularly keep in touch. At the very least, it’s certain that Kiyoko is more aware of their current situation than Crown Prince and Princess Akishino. Kiyoko undoubtedly knows the Komuro couple’s new address.” (Royal journalist)

There’s a strong possibility that Kiyoko will eventually move to the United States and reunite with the Komuro couple. The worries of the Crown Prince and Princess Akishino seem far from over.

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