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Actresses Collection of ‘Cute but Mocking’ Images in Their 50s

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Yuki Uchida Talks About Her Proud Beautiful Legs (October ’23)

Recently, Yuki Uchida (48) made her first pitch in 29 years at a professional baseball game, appearing in a Yakult uniform with blue shorts and leggings. Her youthful appearance, which belies her age, spread widely on social media platforms, sparking comments like “Isn’t it cheating to look like this at 48?” and “Her smile is too cute.” Among them, the comment “a timeless beauty” garnered numerous likes, enough to make headlines in online news.

“Not limited to Yuki Uchida, cute appearances of actresses from the over-50s generation are gaining a lot of attention in the online world. Whenever they appear at events or post recent photos on social media, they quickly go viral and become news online. Not only youthful for their age group, but their charming gestures and smiles also serve as a soothing presence for younger people,” said a television scriptwriter.

Currently, Yuriko Ishida (54) is starring in the NHK morning drama series “Tora ni Tsubasa” as the mother of the protagonist, Torako This role likely marks her first portrayal prominently featuring white hair, but her occasional playful expressions and spontaneous ad-lib performances have been well received. On June 6th, she posted a photo titled ”<Bedhead Art>” on her Instagram, showing her tousled hair. This led to some rare critical comments on social media such as “a bit calculated” and “didn’t want to see her trying to look natural.”

“Some articles have suggested she’s challenging the cliché phrase ‘miraculous over-50s,’ but Ishida-san likely isn’t conscious of that. She simply posted what she wanted naturally. However, it underscores how much attention Ishida-san garners, almost like an idol,” commented a television magazine writer.

The key is having a mindset of wanting to walk in good health at any age.

“FRIDAY” has frequently witnessed moments of “cuteness” displayed not only by Uchida and Ishida but also by actresses like Nanao Matsushima (50), Eri Fukatsu (51), and Hiromi Nagasaku (53). We hope everyone can enjoy seeing these comforting appearances.

“I feel a bit embarrassed about it.”

On October 30, ’23, at the awards ceremony for the 19th Clarino Beautiful Legs Awards 2023 held in Tokyo, Yuki Uchida, selected in the Over Forty division, expressed these thoughts at the time. However,

“Rather than beautiful legs, I think of them as strong legs for living, so I’m truly happy.”

With a modest tone, she proudly joked about her healthy legs, eliciting laughter. On that day, Uchida showcased an outstanding style in a brown waist-mark one-piece dress that subtly revealed her left collarbone, paired with light blue-gray pumps. As someone who enjoys camping and often walks mountain trails,

“I think having a mindset of wanting to walk in good health at any age might be the secret to beautiful legs.”

She revealed, capturing the audience’s attention.

“There’s more to why these actresses in their fifties are called ‘cute’—behind that label is not just physical care but also a strong focus on nurturing their hearts. The reason they continue to charm fans isn’t just because they’re cute, but also because of the relentless efforts they put in,” remarked a fashion magazine journalist.

Attention is now turning to their future endeavors.

Yuki Uchida on location for the drama “Doctor X – Surgeon Daimon Michiko” (TV Asahi) (December 6, ’19 issue).
Yuki Uchida and Takashi Kashiwabara at a futsal venue in Tokyo (July 31, 2003 issue).
Uchida was interviewed by “FRIDAY” on Broadway in New York (January 20, 1995 issue)
Yuriko Ishida during a break from filming for “The Devil’s Advocate” (Fuji Television) (August 4, 2011 issue).
Yuriko Ishida with her excellent fashion sense (’17)
Controversial image of Yuriko Ishida waking up from sleep posted on her Instagram (from @yuriyuri1003).
24-year-old Yuriko Ishida going to her boyfriend’s house (June 17, ’94)
Nanako Matsushima comes out after spending more than 3 hours in the training gym and shows her tongue out (July 19, ’19 issue).
Nanako Matsushima in a see-through dress at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October ’06.
Sorimachi and Matsushima are in a friendly mood during the filming of “GTO” (“Friday Special” mid-summer issue, 1998).
Eri Fukatsu in a dress with a boldly open back, giving off an aura of an actress, which even the photographer was taken aback by (October ’05).
Eri Fukatsu’s sharp and tight expression as she waits for a cab after leaving a supermarket (September ’12).
Eri Fukatsu leaving the launch site of the drama “CHANGE” (Fuji TV) in 2008.
Hiromi Nagasaku finished dinner with her husband (left) at a sushi restaurant in Ginza (May ’21).
Appearing in a bold pure white dress at a movie event (December ’09)
Chisato Moritaka shopping at a department store (November 25, ’16)
Chisato Moritaka’s stunningly beautiful legs while shopping in a shopping arcade (March 14, ’14 issue)
18-year-old Chisato Moritaka at the beginning of her popularity as an artist (February 5, 1988 issue)
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