The back of a bold dress & a night out with her husband in Ginza… Hiromi Nagasaku’s “From Idol to Actress” shines more brightly in these candid photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The back of a bold dress & a night out with her husband in Ginza… Hiromi Nagasaku’s “From Idol to Actress” shines more brightly in these candid photos

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Handing a bouquet of flowers to director Spike Jonze at an event for the movie “Where the Wild Things Are” in Tokyo in December ’09.

Hiromi Nagasaku (52) is gaining more and more luster as an actress.

In “Asa ga Kuru (Morning Comes),” a movie released in ’20 that dealt with the theme of special adoption, she won the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her portrayal of the heroine, a housewife. In the NHK television series “Soar! aired until March of this year, in which she played the role of the heroine’s mother.

Ms. Nagasaku originally debuted as an idol. In 1989, she appeared in the variety show “Paradise GoGo! (Fuji Television Network) in 1989. They became popular as idols representing the first half of the 1990s.

Her debut as an actress was in the drama series “Hi no Aru no Basho” (Fuji TV), which aired from January 1994. In this drama, Ms. Nagasaku gives a wonderful performance as a hostess at a snack bar who is recovering from a serious problem. Since then, Ms. Nagasaku has appeared in several high-profile productions, including the NHK historical drama “Koumeigatsuji” and the film “Hachiname no Semi”, and has appeared in them year after year. She has made a brilliant transition from idol to actor.

(A source from an entertainment production company) “FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Nagasaku as an actress. The pure white dress with the back boldly opened at a movie event, a date with her broadcaster husband in Ginza at night, and the melancholy expression she showed in between filming for a TV drama: ……. We would like to introduce her aura of increasing maturity from these treasured photos.

The pure white dress that caused a stir

A stirring moment occurred in December 2010 when Spike Jonze, director of the movie “Where the Wild Things Are,” visited Japan to present a bouquet of flowers to Mr. Jones.

Nagasaku, who dubbed the Japanese version of the film, took the stage to present Mr. Jones with a bouquet of flowers. She appeared in a pure white dress with a bold opening at the bust and back, and the attendees were surprised at how attractive she was.

At the time, Nagasaku had just announced that she was four months pregnant. You could feel the joy of becoming a mother from her whole body. She praised the movie, saying, “The more I watched it, the more I was drawn in, and in the end I cried three times.

It was in May 2009 that I discovered her “nighttime Ginza date” with her husband, filmmaker Maro Naito.

It was in a skyscraper district in Tokyo. Nagasaku was walking back and forth along the same street with a somewhat cheerful expression on her face. Then a cab approached and picked her up. They got out of the car at a corner in Ginza and went to a two-star Michelin sushi restaurant, where they enjoyed a two-hour meal together.

The couple began dating and married after Nagasaku appeared in a commercial for Gekkeikan, a Japanese sake produced by Mr. Naito. This year marks their 14th wedding anniversary, and the couple seems to be on a happy marriage. Mr. Naito was involved in the management of a cafe in Tokyo that Ms. Nagasaku produced. When the café opened, Ms. Nagasaku was even seen standing in the kitchen herself,” said an entertainment magazine desk clerk.

Nagasaku’s presence as an actress and wife grows year by year. The popular actor, who is in demand for dramas and movies, is likely to continue to display his full aura in the future.

Nagasaku speaks enthusiastically, gesturing widely as he leaves a sushi restaurant in Ginza. Listening on the left with a gentle nod is her husband, Mr. Naito.’ Taken in May 2009
Nagasaku in a bold pure white dress at a movie event in December ’09.
Daringly dressed in a pure white dress at a movie event in December ’09.
A glimpse of her wide-open bosom at a movie event in December ’09.
She appeared in a bold pure white dress at a movie event in December ’09.
In November ’11, she won the Best Actress Award at the TAMA Film Awards. Her performance in “The Eighth Day of the Cicada” was highly praised.
Kinema Junpo Best Ten Award ceremony held in February ’12. Received the Best Actress Award for her performance in the movie “The Eighth Day of the Cicada.
Talking on a cell phone between locations in Daikanyama, Tokyo. Taken in August ’14.
In the drama “Dirty Mama! (NTV), in which she played a detective who is a single mother. Photographed in January ’12.
May ’21. A “night out in Ginza” with her husband.
May 2009. Date with her husband at night in Ginza
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