The long-awaited revival of “Akanishi Gundan” (Akanishi’s Army) with the return of former allies Jin Akanishi and Tomohisa Yamashita to terrestrial broadcasting, but what is the “shiko” that still remains? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The long-awaited revival of “Akanishi Gundan” (Akanishi’s Army) with the return of former allies Jin Akanishi and Tomohisa Yamashita to terrestrial broadcasting, but what is the “shiko” that still remains?

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Will Jin Akanishi (right) and Tomohisa Yamashita (left) reunite in ’24? (January 18, ’13 issue)

Former “KAT-TUN” member Jin Akanishi (39) made a big splash when he appeared on the December 17, 2011 broadcast of “Matsumo to Nakai” (Fuji TV). Akanishi’s return to terrestrial variety after a 10-year absence was to MC Masahiro Nakai (51),

I’ve wanted to see you for 10 years,” he told MC Masahiro Nakai (51).

He told MC Masahiro Nakai (51) that he had not been able to see Akanishi since his independence in 2002,

He then added, “It’s been 10 years since I became independent (as of December 2011). I’ve been independent for 10 years (as of December 2011), but there have been people who have left me since I became independent. It was a bit difficult at times.

I had a bit of a hard time,” he said. He continued,

At that time, Nakai-kun gave me a New Year’s gift through a friend. (Even though I had quit the office. (He gave me New Year’s gifts the second and third years as well.

Nakai said. While the social networking sites were filled with people praising Nakai’s kindness, the janiota were excited about something else.

As soon as Akanishi’s appearance on the show was announced, fans were excited that Nakai was going to talk about former “NEWS” member Tomohisa Yamashita (38) in front of Akanishi.

This is because Akanishi, Yamashita, and Ryo Nishikido (39), formerly of “Kanjani Eight,” were known as the “Akanishi Gundan” during the old Johnny’s era and were known to be very close in private. Akanishi and Yamashita, in particular, were great friends and frequently hung out in private, including going to clubs,” said a TV magazine reporter.

In fact, “FRIDAY” also reported on their club-hopping. In December 2001, Akanishi showed up at the club “D” in Azabu Juban (Minato Ward) just before Christmas, after midnight. In fact, Yamashita, Nishikido, and Akanishi’s younger brother, Reiho Akanishi (36), were also in the restaurant earlier, and it seems that they had rented out the VIP room to hold a birthday party for Reiho.

Akanishi and Yamashita inside the restaurant were shoulder to shoulder for a commemorative photo, and the atmosphere was as friendly as ever. Some women joined them in the middle of the party.

At the time, Akanishi and Kuroki had just had their first daughter. I was worried that he would have a night out with women at a time like that. The two were worried, but at 4 a.m., about four hours later, Akanishi and Yamashita were seen off by their friends and got into a cab to leave the restaurant.

The decisive event that caused a rift between the two

In June 2002, an “incident” occurred that caused a rift in the honeymoon relationship between the two. Yamashita was arrested on suspicion of damaging a woman’s cell phone after an argument on a street in Roppongi, Tokyo. According to “Bunshun Online” (January 31, 2009), which reported the incident, Akanishi and Nishikido were also at the scene, and the two got into an argument with a couple who were at a club.

Yamashita took the cell phone of the woman who began filming the scene, apparently in an attempt to protect them. However, there was no apology from the two after the incident, and the relationship between the three fell into a state of irreparability.

Despite this, it was announced that Yamashita will play the lead role in the drama “Blue Moment” (Fuji TV) in the April 2012 season. This will be Yamashita’s first appearance in a terrestrial commercial drama in five years. Coincidentally, Akanishi and Yamashita both returned to terrestrial broadcasting on the same Fuji TV program, leading fans to say, “I knew it was Nakai’s turn,

Fans are once again voicing their hopes that Nakai-kun’s support will bring the two closer together.

The fans are again voicing their hopes that Nakai’s support will bring the two closer together,

Akanishi’s return to terrestrial broadcasting will no doubt boost his entertainment activities in Japan,” said Nakai, “but I hope that he will also be able to show his support to the fans. Not only Nakai, but also “New Map” and “TOBE. And “STATO ENTERTAINMENT” (START Entertainment) are getting closer. It would not be surprising if they meet each other at some point.

There may be hope for the revival of the “Akanishi Gundan.

Jin Akanishi coming out of the club on his way home (’13 Jan. 18 issue)
Tomohisa Yamashita coming out of the club with Jin Akanishi (January 18, ’13 issue).
Ryo Nishikido coming out of the club, drunk to the skin (January 18, ’13 issue)
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