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Why Nonomura Makoto’s Daughter, Kanon, Is the No. 1 Face Teens Want to Be

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A woman’s loud voice echoed through a residential neighborhood in the heart of Tokyo on a mid-August afternoon. A woman wearing a long skirt was dashing toward a man in front of her, filming for the drama “Takamine no Hana-san 2” (BS TV Tokyo), which will start in October.

Kaon dashing through a residential area; she has already appeared in NHK’s historical drama “Hanamayu” at the age of 13. In fact, she is a current college student.

This is the second installment of the hit drama series that aired in the April season last year, and the missed streaming of the first episode recorded 1 million views in one week. The beautiful woman who was dashing around shouting loudly is actress and model Kanon (21), the eldest daughter of TV personality Makoto Nonomura (58).

She has been active as a teen model since she was in the fifth grade of elementary school and was voted the No. 1 face that teenagers want to be. She is currently also an exclusive model for the magazine “non-no.” The non-no models have produced many actresses, including Nozomi Sasaki and Tsubasa Honda. She will probably be seen more often as an actress in the future as well.

The scene that was being filmed that day was one in which Kaon chases a young man and stands there for a while talking to him. She was unable to get an OK and repeatedly dashed through the scene for six takes. Perhaps it was because she was running repeatedly in high heeled shoes, but Kaon was a little tired. Whenever the camera cut to a scene, she would take a break in the shade.

Despite her father, who is as free-spirited as ever and is running to become a new member of Junrei, it seems that Manamusume is steadily pursuing her acting career.

Daughter of Makoto Nonomura is the “No. 1 face teenagers want to be” model.

From the September 9, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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