Kanjani Eight Tadayoshi Okura: “Women” who continued to support him behind the scenes during his hiatus | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kanjani Eight Tadayoshi Okura: “Women” who continued to support him behind the scenes during his hiatus

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Tadayoshi Okura returned from a trip to Bali with Yuriko Yoshitaka. They went straight from Narita Airport to his home (’16).

On April 29, Tadayoshi Okura of the idol group “Kanjani Eight” announced that he would be taking a hiatus. According to an announcement from the Johnny’s office, he has been suffering from tinnitus for a year and a half, and this month his symptoms worsened, so he decided to take a break after consulting with the members.

According to the announcement from the office, Okura has been suffering from tinnitus for the past year and a half, and decided to take a leave of absence this month after consulting with the members. Especially since ‘Naniwa-‘ debuted last November and attracted a lot of attention. It is possible that he was under a lot of stress that was not visible to the public.

Speaking of Okura, he also complained about “yarakashi,” or enthusiastic fans, in 2006. He complained that he had reached his limit, saying, “I’ve had enough of being followed around in my private life.

His girlfriends have been supporting him behind the scenes. Recently, his relationship with actress Alice Hirose has been in the news.

In the case of reports of a love affair, it was the practice of the Johnny’s to keep silent even if it was true, but in the case of Mr. Okura, it was “commentary. In the case of Ms. Okura, however, they made the comment, “We have nothing to comment on. The entertainment media was talking about this as an “unusual silent approval. It is said that the reason why they dared to make such an announcement may have been to prevent “bluffing.

Hirose also announced that she would not be performing on the stage this fall due to health problems. Like Okura, Hirose’s health is a cause for concern.

In 2002, Friday reported that he was dating Serina, a TV personality. Serina was seen saving her work and going to Okura’s apartment “once a week.

Serina and Okura had been dating for about a year and a half when this report came out. They had started dating under the radar, and Okura had introduced Serina as his girlfriend by accompanying her to drinking parties with her friends.

Later, in 2004, actress Yuriko Yoshitaka was reported to be in love with Serina. She was seen on Friday frequently going to Okura’s home.

That year, Friday also reported that the two enjoyed a four-day, two-night trip to Bali together. They were also spotted together not only in Tokyo but also in Osaka, where Okura’s parents live, and it was said that their marriage was on the verge of being finalized.

However, they broke up in 2006 after photos of Okura playing with another woman were leaked.

Okura is one of the most popular men in Kanjani. His fans are waiting for him to show his good health again.

Yuriko Yoshitaka returned from her trip to Bali at Narita Airport. The two of them went straight back to Tadayoshi Okura’s home… (’16)
Serina went to Okura’s home once a week. She saved her work and was considering marriage… (’14)
Alice Hirose, whose relationship with Okura was acknowledged by the Johnny’s office with “no comment”…
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