King Gnu Iguchi Osamu declares their relationship with a peace sign after a long-distance relationship of 900 km! | FRIDAY DIGITAL
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King Gnu Iguchi Osamu declares their relationship with a peace sign after a long-distance relationship of 900 km!

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Iguchi and his girlfriend, Ms. A, responded to the magazine’s direct interview with surprise. At the end of the interview, they made a peace sign to the camera.

One night in February, when a warm spring breeze began to blow, a man was seen at a high-class sukiyaki restaurant in Shirokane (Minato Ward), which is frequented by celebrities. After paying the bill, the waiter went outside the restaurant to see him off. His face was clearly illuminated by the light leaking from inside the restaurant. It was Satoru Iguchi, 29, of King Gnu. As he left the store, Iguchi looked back and saw a beautiful woman resembling Nao Asahi leaving the store. She had short-cut black hair and ran up next to Iguchi as she left the store.

Iguchi is now dating Ms. A, a former TV personality who has been active mainly in Kyushu. She is 27 years old, two years younger than Iguchi, and they started dating around last fall.

She lives in Fukuoka Prefecture and is active in music as a DJ. She has been active as a local artist, performing at night clubs and at local mochi festivals. She also teaches DJ classes to children, teaching them how to use equipment and how to string songs together,” said an event company official.

After leaving the restaurant, the two began strolling the night streets while talking. Iguchi gently entwines his arms around her as they walk with their hands in their pockets.

In fact, Mr. A has been saving his work in Kyushu since the middle of this month. I think she is preparing to move to Tokyo and start living together with Iguchi. Ms. A has always been a good cook and a homebody. After a six-month long-distance relationship, Iguchi may have decided that he wants to live under one roof with her.” (A source in the entertainment industry)

Later that day, I found Iguchi and Ms. A in the streets of Tokyo. Had they come to see her off on her way back to Fukuoka? We interviewed Iguchi, who was at the peak of happiness, holding her carry-on case and cuddling with Mr. A.

–Is it correct to say that the two of you are in a relationship?

Yes, we are.

–When did you start dating?

Last year.

The February 17 issue of “FRIDAY March 3-10” will report in detail on the direct interview. The pay-per-view website “FRIDAY GOLD” also published several photos.

Around 10 p.m., the two left a sukiyaki restaurant frequented by celebrities. They chatted happily, arm in arm, even on a busy main street.
King Gnu is popular among many fans (from Iguchi’s Instagram).
Iguchi at the Tokyo International Film Festival (from his Instagram)
Iguchi and Anochan when this magazine reported their semi-living together.
Iguchi and Anochan when this magazine reported their semi-cohabitation

From the March 3 and 10, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

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