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Hirose Alice & Tadayoshi Okura, Breakup Rumors Shadowed by Struggles of Being Too Nice?

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On location for “What’s the Serious Deal with Love? (Fuji Television Network). Even though they had to reshoot many times, it was impressive to see them acting so earnestly (November 5, ’21 issue).

On April 24, “Josei Seven” reported that actress Alice Hirose (29) and Tadayoshi Okura (38) of “SUPER EIGHT” aka Kanjani Eight had broken up.

The two had developed a relationship after playing a married couple in a Fuji Television drama “Knowing Waifu” broadcast in 2009, and their relationship was revealed in 2010. Among the talents from the former Johnny’s office, Tsuyoshi Domoto (45) of “KinKi Kids” and Keiichiro Koyama (39) and Shigeaki Kato (36) of “NEWS” have announced their marriage one after another so far this year, and there were whispers that Alice and Okura might reach the goal line within the year.

According to “Josei Seven,” Alice had taken a leave of absence from the stage in 2010 due to health problems, but last year she was extremely busy starring in dramas and appearing in a major TV drama. At that point, her health was still not perfect, and since Okura was often absent when she wanted someone nearby to support her, she reportedly decided to part ways with him because of her feelings. And in order to get away from the room where they spent a lot of time together, Alice moved out at the end of last year.

Alice is currently starring in Fuji Television’s monthly drama “366 Days,” and while she is the chairperson, she also plays the role of a mood maker and keeps the scene lively. No one in the industry has anything bad to say about Alice, as is true when you ask her about it in the field. This is probably the reason why she never ceases to receive job offers.

However, perhaps it is because she has too much of a good personality that she is overly attentive to those around her, and she sometimes feels the need to rely on someone else.

In the TV programs in which she has appeared, she has revealed that she is “drinking buddies” with Toshiaki Karasawa (60), Shosuke Tanihara (51), Mitsuhiro Oikawa (54), Jiro Sato (54), Miki Mizuno (49), and others. Even “that guy” who once terrorized the entertainment world by exposing numerous scandals, praised Alice’s personality on his YouTube channel.

Yoshikazu Azumaya, 52, a.k.a. Garcy, a former member of the House of Councillors, was arrested and charged with violating the Violent Acts Punishment Law (habitual threats) for threatening actor Go Ayano, 42, and others, and was convicted in March of this year to three years in prison, with a five-year suspended sentence. The only celebrities that Mr. Garcy honored were Alice and Tomohisa Yamashita (39), a.k.a. Yamapu.

In a video he distributed to the membership in April 2010, Mr. Garcie began by saying, “Mayuko (Alice’s real name), you’re a good guy! In a video broadcast to the membership in April 2010, Mr. Gershey revealed that when Alice was not yet a big seller, she used to show up at his drinking parties. Moreover, Ms. Ayano, who was at Gershie’s drinking party at the time, also liked Alice,” said an entertainment reporter.

Before Okura, Alice was in a relationship with Hiroki Tanaka (32), a former representative of Japan’s national basketball team and current member of Sunrockers Shibuya of the B-League, but it was reported in 2009 that their relationship broke up because they were both too busy.

She is usually so cheerful and cheerful, she might actually want someone by her side. However, it is difficult to wish for someone as busy as an athlete or entertainer. An older man who is not in the sports or entertainment industry and who is financially strong and patient is probably the “ideal boyfriend.

For the time being, she may have to make do with “work as a lover.

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One afternoon, the two showed up at an exhibition for the British shoe brand Dr. Martens. It seems that they took a break from work to meet up with each other (May ’18).
The two are known to be good friends and were living together at the time (May ’18).
After leaving the venue, they waved to each other and went in different directions. They waved to each other as they left the venue and headed off in different directions, apparently to their next jobs (May ’18).
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