Yuriko Ishida, Chisato Moritaka, Yasuko Sawaguchi… A collection of treasured images of “actresses in their 50s” who are still beautiful and cool. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuriko Ishida, Chisato Moritaka, Yasuko Sawaguchi… A collection of treasured images of “actresses in their 50s” who are still beautiful and cool.

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Ishida’s overwhelming smile made even child actors giggle (’22 Jan. 28 issue)

Recently, many Japan-loving YouTube users have been trying to guess the ages of Japanese actresses. To foreigners, the beauty of Japanese women is a “marvel,” and the beautyof female actors in particular is a “miracle. One of them is Yuriko Ishida (53).

Ishida plays the role of the Governor of Tokyo in the movie “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Room,” which opens in theaters on April 28, and her “coolness” as well as ” beauty is attracting a lot of attention from fans. In a recent interview, Ishida said, “What’s so cool about me?

What’s so cool about me? I guess people might think so because I take things at my own pace. I don’t think I have to force myself to fit in with others, so I try to act according to my own will” (“Mainichi Kirei,” April 16, 2011).

She said.

Actresses who have been active at the forefront as actresses from their 20s to the present and have built their careers in a so-called “natural” way as they age are really beautiful and cool. That is why such actresses are still sought after for TV dramas and movies,” says a person involved in commercial TV drama production.

Yuriko Ishida, Yuki Amami, Chisato Moritaka, Yasuko Sawaguchi, Hiromi Nagasaku, Tomoyo Harada, Kyoko Koizumi …. Here are some beautiful private shots of actresses in their 50s that capture their “natural state.

Yuki Amami jumps over the guardrail in a flash (May 4, 2006 issue)

Ishida’s overwhelming smile made even the child actors giggle (January 28, 2010 issue).

In the drama series “Wife, Shogakusei ni naru” (TBS) broadcast in the January 2010 season, Ishida played the role of a boy who is a teacher in a school. (TBS), which aired in January 2010, Ishida played the role of the wife of the main character who died prematurely. Ishida, who is single in her private life, is said to be very good at playing wives and mothers. During a break in filming, while chatting with Maida Nono, the child actress who plays the role of the wife possessed by Ishida, Ishida showed an overwhelming smile and Maida laughed along with her. It was a moment that showed a glimpse of her kindness.

Yuki Amami jumps over the guardrail with a flick (May 4, 2006 issue)

Yuki Amami was 50 years old at the time, and was appearing in a two-and-a-half month long stage production of “Shura Tenma: Seven Dokurojyo no Shichinin Season Kiwami” by Gekidan Shinkansen. When Amami showed up at the venue, she got out of her car, climbed over the guardrail, and entered the venue. When she finally left the restaurant just before midnight, she bowed deeply to the participants and got into her car. Amami always looks so dashing and cool.

Chisato Moritaka’s youthfulness made even the shoppers in the store do a double-take (May 24, ’19 issue).

At 7 p.m., Chisato Moritaka, wearing black-rimmed glasses, was at a high-end supermarket in Tokyo. Moritaka was pushing her cart around the store, saying to herself, “Let’s see, 00 and 00, right? ……” as she pushed her cart to make sure she did not forget the ingredients she needed to buy. He puts fried side dishes, bread, and other items in his basket one after another. Moritaka celebrated his 50th birthday in April of that year, but despite the light makeup, his good looks were still there. At the time, Moritaka was in the midst of his first nationwide tour in 21 years. She was also scheduled to perform in Shizuoka the day after this date, but she seemed to be taking good care of her health as she showed off her beautiful legs in a mini-skirt.

Yuriko Ishida on standby for a drama location shoot (Jan. 28, ’22 issue).
Yuki Amami heads to a meeting with stage co-stars and staff. She is now 55 (May 4, ’18 issue).
Chisato Moritaka shopping at a supermarket. She is now 54 (May 24, 2007 issue).
Chisato Moritaka shopping at a supermarket (May 24, ’19 issue).
Yasuko Sawaguchi, dressed in a green dress, elegantly walks through the lobby with an overwhelming aura at a party held by Toho Entertainment, a major entertainment company. She is now 57 years old (April 20, ’18 issue).
Hiromi Nagasaku walks the streets of Ginza with her husband, filmmaker Maro Naito. She is now 52 (June 4, ’21 issue).
Tomoyo Harada when her love affair with Kippei Shiina was revealed. She is now 55 (July 2, ’21 issue).
Tomoyo Harada at the time of her love affair with Kippei Shiina. She also looks young in fashion (July 2, ’21 issue).
Tomoyo Harada at the time of her love affair with Kippei Shiina (July 2, 2009 issue).
Kyoko Koizumi and YOU shopping at a department store in Shibuya; Koizumi is now 57 and YOU is 58 (November 4, ’16 issue)
Kyoka Suzuki shopping in the Azabu Juban shopping district (March 29, ’19 issue). Now 54, on April 19 she received the Architectural Institute of Japan’s Cultural Award for her purchase and renovation of a historical building. His way of life is cool, too.
Yuki Saito heads out to lunch in Ebisu with a man she knows. She has been through a lot, but each time she has come back to life and her work has been good. She is now 56 years old (’21 Mar. 31 distribution).
Miho Nakayama in gorgeous plain clothes shopping at a high-end supermarket. She is now 53 (’21, June 18).
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