Divorce announcement… The answer that Hitoshi Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki, the couple who were also the subject of “disagreements” and “divorce theories” in 2003, came up with. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Divorce announcement… The answer that Hitoshi Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki, the couple who were also the subject of “disagreements” and “divorce theories” in 2003, came up with.

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Meisa smiles and answers her daughter who talks to her while shopping at the supermarket. Akanishi also had a gentle smile on his face the whole time (December 4, ’15 issue).

We have decided to change the form of our partnership and go our separate ways as husband and wife.

On December 25, ’23, Jin Akanishi (39) and Meisa Kuroki (35) updated their own Instagram Stories. They posted a comment under their joint names, announcing their divorce.

The couple first met in 2005 when they were both interviewed for a magazine.

We rapidly grew closer through our shared hobby of music, which we both love. For about six months starting in 2006, Kuroki was kind enough to offer advice to Akanishi when he went to the U.S. to study abroad,” said a music magazine editor.

At the time, the two were known for their “ultra-narcissistic” nature. Akanishi had been romantically linked to Rosa Kato (38), Takako Uehara (40), and model Maki Nishiyama (38), while Kuroki’s love affairs with music producer, Shido Nakamura (51), and former “Kis-My-Fit2” member Hiromitsu Kitayama (38) were also in the news. The two of them came close to each other suddenly in 2011. It is said that Akanishi made a fierce attack on Kuroki that year, the same year he made his debut in the U.S., and their relationship began.

They married in February 2012. Their first child, a daughter, was born in September of the same year, and their second child, a son, in June 2005. FRIDAY” has witnessed a Thai food date one month before their marriage, a Taiwanese food party amidst rumors of discord and divorce, and a family shopping trip that dispelled any rumors of discord. We would like to look back at the time when they were a friendly couple with images.

A friendly family shopping stroll in the late afternoon

Akanishi, once one of the most popular idols in Johnny’s, left the agency in February 2002 and tried to make a comeback as a solo artist, but his activities were not very exciting as his fans had completely fallen away due to his marriage. In contrast, his wife, Meisa, has been working hard on TV dramas and movies and has become a pillar of the family. The widening marital gap – and, of course, the rumors of divorce – is constant. In early 2003, it was even said that divorce was only a matter of time.

In 2002, Meisa appeared in four TV dramas, and her portrayal of Fujiko Mine in the movie “Lupin the Third” attracted a lot of attention. However, while she was working hard on her acting career, Akanishi was still playing around with the world, and he has not gotten over his habit of cheating on his wife. He is still crazy about a certain model and is said to be meeting her in secret every day.

Then, we found a picture of the two in a friendly mood. In November 2003, he showed up at a high-end supermarket in Hiroo (Minato Ward) with his then 3-year-old daughter. In the driver’s seat of the luxury car was Kuroki, wearing black-rimmed glasses. …… They enter the parking lot and the three get out.

Kuroki walks in the lead and Akanishi pushes the cart with his daughter. Akanishi is talking to his daughter about something, to which she responds, “Yepp, yep! Akanishi responds, “Yepp, yep! Kuroki, on the other hand, sang a song with her daughter as they selected food items.

After paying the bill at the cash register, Akanishi was looking at the receipt as if he were staring at it, checking to make sure there were no mistakes in the calculations. At the time, the couple was reported to be on the verge of divorce several times, but for what it’s worth, they seemed to be in a happy marital atmosphere.

Two years later, their second child was born. The divorce crisis seemed to have disappeared completely.

Akanishi was often working in Los Angeles, and there were long periods when he could not return to his home. Moreover, he has recently been active in Japan, appearing on “Matsumo to Nakai” (Fuji TV) on December 17, ’23, making his return to terrestrial variety shows after a 10-year absence. It is expected that she will be more active in Japan in the future.

Kuroki, on the other hand, is said to have no intention of returning to Japan, partly due to the fact that he sends his children to school in Hawaii. The fact that their lives are based in Japan and Hawaii may be one of the reasons for their divorce.

The two continued with their opening statement,

We will continue to build a new form of partnership with even more love as parents and best friends.

They stressed that they were divorcing amicably. They stressed that they are divorcing amicably. We will continue to quietly watch their future together.

Meisa Kuroki (right) and Jin Akanishi (back) on a secret date at a Thai restaurant a month before their marriage announcement (February 17, ’12 issue)
Meisa Kuroki (right) and Jin Akanishi (back) on a clandestine date at a Thai restaurant one month before their marriage announcement (February 17, ’12 issue).
Akanishi enters a Thai restaurant wearing sunglasses (February 17, ’12 issue).
In the midst of whispers of “divorce rumors,” Jin Akanishi (left), Meisa Kuroki (center), and Yu Shirota (right) dine together (April 3, ’15 issue).
When returning home, Akanishi took the wheel, Shirota sat in the passenger seat, and Meisa in the back seat (April 3, ’15 issue).
The family of three getting along well shopping at a supermarket (December 4, ’15 issue)
Akanishi leaving the store with shopping bags. Is his wife supporting him well? (December 4, 2003 issue)
Meisa Kuroki is as fashionable as she looks in her casual clothes. On this day, after buying some bread at a popular bakery in Azabu Juban, she drove her car to pick up her eldest daughter (February ’19).
Picking up her eldest daughter at a very difficult American school (February ’19).
Recent photos of Meisa Kuroki in Hawaii posted on her Instagram (from @meisa_kuroki_)
Recent scenes from Hawaii posted by Meisa Kuroki on her Instagram (from @meisa_kuroki_)
From Jin Akanishi’s Instagram (from @jinstagram_official)
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