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Unchanged After Motherhood: Aoi Miyazaki Makes Vibrant Comeback in Strawberry Pants

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Miyazaki wore a down coat and flashy colored pants. This year marks the 35th anniversary of his debut, and he exuded dignity.

Despite her black down coat, she exuded an air of glamour. She is indeed a top actress.

In late January, the first day of the opening stage greeting for the movie “Colorful Witch – Eiko Kakuno’s Life Where Stories Are Born” was held in Tokyo.

Dressed in bright strawberry-colored pants, a nod to the film, was actress Aoi Miyazaki (38), who acted as the narrator in the movie. Last year, she also narrated the NHK morning drama “Ranman,” which was well received by viewers.

Miyazaki, who married Junichi Okada (43), a former member of V6, in 2005, had to cut back on her acting career to focus on raising her children. However, the breakup of V6 in 2009 and Okada’s independence from Johnny’s in 2011, which allowed Miyazaki to spend more time with her family, may have been the catalyst for her return to work.

Miyazaki also appeared last year in the film “Daimyo Bankruptcy” and in “Crazy Cruise,” a distribution film written by Yuji Sakamoto. With an NHK evening drama scheduled to air in March of this year, he is finally making a full-fledged comeback,” said entertainment reporter Kaoru Shimada.

(Entertainment reporter Kaoru Shimada). It has been eight years since she appeared in a terrestrial drama series, and she has attracted high expectations from people in the industry. Meanwhile, her personal life also seems to be fulfilling.

Miyazaki’s family relations are good, as he is often seen out and about with his family. Miyazaki also published a cookbook while he was saving his work. It seems that Miyazaki is providing nutritional support for Okada, who is an action actor.

She has achieved a work-life balance that has made her shine even brighter.

Aoi Miyazaki, the “dignity of a top actress” that has not changed even after becoming a mother of two.

From the February 16, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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