Divorce is not only for Yuzuru Hanyu, but also for Jin Akanishi and Haruma Miura: “Runaway fans” and their “brain | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Divorce is not only for Yuzuru Hanyu, but also for Jin Akanishi and Haruma Miura: “Runaway fans” and their “brain

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Yuzuru Hanyu is known for his many devoted fans. ……

The divorce of professional figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu, along with media coverage, has also focused on the “excessive behavior” of some of his more extreme fans.

Late at night on November 17, Hanyu announced his divorce via X in a blitz. He and his partner, Ms. A, had just registered their marriage in August.

Hanyu explained the reason for the divorce

Hanyu said, “Currently, various media outlets are slandering, stalking, and conducting unauthorized interviews and reports against my partner, her relatives, and related persons, who are ordinary people, as well as against my relatives and related persons. Even in my living space, I have been prowled by suspicious vehicles and persons, and have even been accosted out of the blue.”

He confessed. He continued.

When I thought about the future, I made the decision to divorce my partner because I wanted him to be happy, and I wanted him to be happy without restrictions.

Hanyu’s comment was a bit of a surprise to me, as I had never heard of such a thing before.

Hanyu’s comments seem to suggest that the divorce was caused in part by the media’s revelation of Ms. A’s true identity, which she had wished to keep secret. Certainly, it is no wonder that the stalker-like coverage is said to have “crossed the line.

On the other hand, most of the media, including TV and sports papers, covered only Yuzuru Hanyu, the figure skater, and did not mention Mr. A at all. Hanyu’s divorce statement may give the impression that even the media, which has been observing such rules, is “collectively to blame.

“That one brought a lot of slander to our house,” he said. Some fans are so determined that ‘the media is to blame,’ and we can’t do anything about it. The horizontal connections are strong, so if there is even the slightest word that we don’t like, it is spread on social networking sites and we come under concentrated fire. They have strong assumptions and sometimes attack us with stories that are far removed from what is written.

In fact, there have been incidents due to such “assumptions.

In September this year, a woman living in Chiba City who operated a website in support of Hanyu was sent to prosecution by the Aichi Prefectural Police for defamation of character and other charges for repeatedly slandering a certain person on her website.

According to the investigators, the woman began slandering a woman in her 40s living in Nagoya City on a Hanyu support site she operated around 2009 by showing the name of her SNS account.

She said, “She is threatening Hanyu.
“She should be charged with attempted murder.

The victim, a woman in her 40s, repeatedly posted such falsehoods on a social networking service.

The victim, a woman in her 40s, had posted her hobby of handicrafts on the SNS, but the assailant assumed that she was the person who had created Hanyu’s costume,

She claimed that the costume caused injury and interfered with Hanyu’s performance.

The victim’s account name and the designer’s name were used. The woman’s account name and the designer’s name were similar, so the woman may have misunderstood her.

The woman’s name was similar to that of the designer, so the woman may have misunderstood her. Mr. Hanyu mentions slander in his divorce comment, but this may refer to the Internet posts against Ms. A rather than the media. Some of them used foul language and attacked her personality,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

As a popular business, there will always be a certain number of radical fans. This is evident not only in Hanyu, but also in Japanese celebrities and in the case of the late actor Haruma Miura.

When former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi got married, he called the station and said, “Jin is married to me. Meisa-san is a dummy. Please stop the broadcast now.

As for Mr. Hanyu’s divorce, there are people who say that the marriage itself is a fake, or that the divorce is just a formality and the couple is still married,” said a TV station official.

(A TV station official) These fans are what are commonly referred to as “bad fans,” but even if one tries to find a way to deal with them, they are not people to whom one can apply any reasonable theory. The outbursts of some fans may have pushed Hanyu further into a corner.

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