Yuriko Ishida, who once played a half-naked woman in an adulterous drama… Yuriko Ishida’s “Mysterious Personal Life,” in which rumors abound. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuriko Ishida, who once played a half-naked woman in an adulterous drama… Yuriko Ishida’s “Mysterious Personal Life,” in which rumors abound.

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Made her debut in the entertainment industry as a campaign girl for ANA.

Yuriko Ishida is currently starring in the drama “Sayonara Maestro ~Father and I Apassionato~” (TBS) and will appear in “Serial TV Novel: Tora ni Tsubasa” (NHK) starting in April. As she gets older, her range of roles expands, confirming her status as an established actress.

Ishida was born in Tokyo on October 3, 1969. She has been swimming since she was 9 years old and competed in the breaststroke at the Junior Olympics at the age of 10, finishing in 8th place.

Her debut came when she was 15 years old and in her first year of high school when she was scouted in Jiyugaoka.

At that time, “When I went home and told my mother, she suddenly slapped me and tore up my business card. I was the one who was approached when I walked down the street, because I was so skittish, and I didn’t even know the person who gave me his card! (LEE, December ’97 issue). However, three months later, her younger sister, Hikari Ishida, was scouted by the same person in Futakotamagawa, causing her mother to change her mind and the sisters to enter show business together.

Soon after, in 1987, she made her entertainment debut as an ANA campaign girl, and the following year she made her acting debut in the drama “Umi no Gunsei” (NHK). The following year, she made her debut as an actress in the drama “Umi no Gunsei” (NHK). “In this film, Ken Ogata, the lead actor, told Ishida not to do anything unnecessary and not to play small, and she still treasures the words he told her while patting her head” (Weekly Bunshun, October 14, 2009 issue). (Shukan Bunshun, October 14, 2009 issue), indicating that the foundation of her career as an actress was laid in her debut film.

Ishida changed into her casual clothes after filming (from the August 4, 2011 issue of “FRIDAY” / PHOTO: Yoshito Murata).

In the adultery-themed drama “Unpleasant Fruit,” Ishida shows off her wet scene.

Although she had a strong image as a purist until then, she performed a wet scene in the adultery-themed drama “Sullen Fruits” (TBS) in 1997, and in the movie “Mourning Man” in 2003, she appeared in a wet scene. In the movie “Mourning” (2003), she played a scene in which she was caught in a compromising situation, and she showed her presence as an actress in roles that were a mixture of soft and hard.

Ishida’s career continued to grow, but it was her role as Tsuchiya Yuri, the aunt of Yui Aragaki’s character Mikuri, in the 2004 TV drama “Escape is Shameful but Useful” (TBS), that brought her back into the limelight. In this role, Ishida played a 48-year-old, single career woman who also happens to be herself, and her line “Don’t put a curse on yourself” in response to women’s views on age drew a huge response.

She is still single at the age of 54 and has become a star of the “single woman” category and is popular among women, but she has never had any desire to marry. Since I was born a woman, I definitely want to have children” (an-an, June 26, 1992), “As a woman, I want to be a mother and a wife” (Weekly Playboy, June 26, 1992), and “As a woman, I want to be a mother and a wife” (Weekly Playboy, June 26, 1992). (Weekly Playboy, November 12, 1996).

In fact, it is known that Ishida was in a relationship with Ken Ishiguro when he was in his 20s, and in his early 30s, he was almost married to Tetsuro Naito, a member of the Japanese drum performance group “Kodo.

Ishida’s relationship with Ishiguro, in particular, was acknowledged by Ishida’s father, Jiro, who has spoken out in the media at every opportunity, and “even his stubborn father has a good impression of Ishiguro,” officially approving of their serious relationship. (Shukan Josei, July 30, 1996), and Ishida later said in an interview, “For me, it was the first time I was conscious of marriage, and it was the first time I actually thought about it” (LEE, December 1999).

Thereafter, she was rumored to be involved with a former idol group member and a designer, but there were no reports of a serious relationship, and she was reported to be working hard as an actress.

Her current partner is a 1 1 dog and 6 cats. and 6 cats.

Her current partners are a dog and six cats. She calls the house in Tokyo where she lives with them her “Yurigorou Kingdom,” and she shows them on Instagram, where they have become a popular account with 1.57 million followers.

In 2009, he and filmmaker Akane Yamada launched the “Hanako Project,” an animal protection group that supports the activities of shelter dogs and cats, demonstrating his love of dogs and cats.

Even though these activities have been attracting attention, he says, “I have turned down all the awards given to animal lovers when I was approached about them. She seems to think that she is not in a position to receive such awards because she knows people who have devoted themselves to animal protection activities for a longer period of time than she has (according to a TV station source)” (Josei Seven, October 28, 2009 issue).

In recent years, she has also appeared in the dramas “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Room” (TBS), “Wife, Shogakusei ni naru” (TBS), and the movie “Ma, Shogakusei ni naru” (TBS). (TBS), and films such as “Matinee’s End” and “Silent Tokyo.” On the other hand, Yuriko Ishida has built a career not only as an actress but also as a business manager, running her own private office, “Kazazakusha,” which she started at the age of 30. She is now at the peak of her career for the second time in as many years.

  • Interview and text by Diceke Takahashi

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