Celebration! Pregnant with second child Keiko Kitagawa rushes to her child in “bold T-shirt and glasses”…always at her best “beautiful true face” image | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebration! Pregnant with second child Keiko Kitagawa rushes to her child in “bold T-shirt and glasses”…always at her best “beautiful true face” image

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Kitagawa exiting the building after the photo shoot (May 26, ’23)

[Joon] I am happy to report that we have given birth to a new life. Along with the joy of adding a new member to our family, we hope that it will be born safe and sound.

On September 25, Keiko Kitagawa (37) reported on her official blog that she is pregnant with her second child, and on September 30, she held a handover event for her fourth photo book, “37” 20th anniversary. On the same day, on her blog,

On the same day, she wrote in her blog, “We appreciate everyone’s understanding that we had to change the handover to a sitting position on a chair, and that we had to ask for cooperation in wearing masks due to the spread of all kinds of infectious diseases such as influenza.

He also wrote, “I would like to thank everyone for their understanding.

Kitagawa married musician DAIGO (45) in 2004. Their first child, a girl, was born in 2008. Even after her marriage, Kitagawa’s popularity is enormous, and she won Oricon’s “Favorite Mom Talent” for two consecutive years in ’20 and ’21. In her acting career, she appeared in the role of Chasa following Oichinokata in the NHK Taiga Drama “Dousuru Ieyasu” currently being broadcast. It has become a catalyst for the stagnant viewer ratings.

As for her work while pregnant with her second child, she says, “I will work as much as I can while consulting with my health condition,” but she has a strong service spirit and is very considerate of others, so I think she will continue working until the very last minute.

When she returned to work only two months after the birth of her first child, in an interview with a magazine,

I didn’t want to cause trouble for those around me.

(A source at an entertainment agency). FRIDAY” has always seen her giving her all in her work. The way she rushed home after filming a drama, the full-on dash for a photo shoot immediately after returning from childbirth, lunch alone in a park…even after becoming a mother, her aura still grew. We would like to introduce some images of Kitagawa, whose aura has grown even more attractive since she became a mother.

Wearing a T-shirt and glasses, she rushed to her child.

One night during this year’s GW, I encountered a large-scale film shoot in Asakusa (Taito Ward), which was packed with tourists. Surrounded by a large number of staff members in a retro-looking building was Keiko Kitagawa, wearing an open-necked shirt and sporting a sharply defined nose and eyes.

Around 8:30 p.m., the filming was over and Kitagawa came outside. She had probably changed from her costume to her casual clothes. She was dressed casually in a navy T-shirt and brown pants. Her makeup seemed to have been removed, and she was wearing round glasses similar to the ones she wore in the drama in which she starred, “Themis no Kyoshitsu: Regal Youth White Paper,” which accentuated her dignified appearance.

Kitagawa quickly got into the car and headed home where DAIGO and her daughter were waiting for her. The smile on her face as she left seemed to show how fulfilled she was.

The next time we will see this smile on her face will be after the birth of her second child, but we hope she takes a good rest and returns in perfect condition.

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Keiko Kitagawa, looking dignified in glasses, filming a drama in a downtown building district (May 26, ’23 issue).
On location for “Goddess Classroom – Legal Seishun Hakusho” (Fuji Television Network) (December 23, 2010 issue)
On location for “Jogami no Kyoshitsu – Regal Seishun Hakusho” (Fuji Television Network). She also looks beautiful eating (December 23, 2010 issue).
Keiko Kitagawa is talking with a staff member at her office. Her work ethic has not changed even after becoming a mother (November 26, 2009 issue).
Repeated dash for their first drama shoot after returning from childbirth (June 25, ’21 issue)
Their first love scoop (Jan. 9, ’15 issue)
Keiko Kitagawa on location for “Falling Sun” (WOWOW). Riho Yoshioka is in the background.
Kitagawa in glasses and Sarara Minami (March 3 and 10, 2011 issue)
Kitagawa at the photo book handing event on her blog on September 30 (from her blog “KEIKO KITAGAWA OFFICIAL WEBSITE”).
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