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Hot 18-year-old Moe Idegami Baku discovers the “charm of radio only

What is the "fresh discovery" of an 18-year-old who has taken YouTube and Twitter for granted since she was a child?

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Photo: Daisuke Koike

On her Twitter page, she states, “I have no gender. On her Twitter page, she states, “I don’t have a gender,” and is active as a TV personality and model in a genderless way .

Just six months after graduating from high school in her hometown of Oki Island and moving to Tokyo this spring, Idegami has been given her own radio show.

It’s called “Moe Idegami Bergamot Night” and will be aired on Bunka Hoso at midnight on Tuesdays starting October 19.

The concept of this new program is “refreshing and relaxing,” inspired by the smell of bergamot, Idegami’s favorite.

Immediately after the first recording, we asked Idegami how she felt about her “first terrestrial radio show.

“I wasn’t nervous at all (laughs).

(laughs) I’m not a nervous person by nature, but with radio, all you have to deliver is your voice, so it’s difficult, but I felt like I was able to be natural.

Normally when I do Insta-live, I do it with a casual attitude, but I realized that there is a big difference between communicating with images and voice, and communicating with only voice.

Also, when I started working on the radio, my complex about my voice was reduced for the first time, and I came to like it.

When I appeared on another radio program, I was told that my voice calmed people down and that they liked it very much, which was very encouraging.

It’s nice to be allowed to work with my voice in such a precious broadcasting slot.

Idegami was born in 2003.

Born in 2003, Idegami had never tuned in and listened to the radio until her work brought her into contact with it.

Ever since she was a child, she has been using her smartphone to learn about her favorite make-up from YouTube videos and gathering information on social networking sites to deepen her understanding of her own sexuality.

She is a member of the “SNS native” generation, another generation younger than the “digital native” generation.

It is because of this that Idegami was able to feel the advantages of radio in a fresh way.

She said, “When I’m on Instagram and Twitter, I feel that Japanese is very difficult.

What I usually feel when I’m on Instagram or Twitter is that Japanese is very difficult to understand, and the meaning can change depending on whether you say “what” or “what”. If you only use text, your emotions can become your personal opinion and cause misunderstandings.

But on the radio, I feel that I can convey what I want to say more carefully by using the height and strength of my voice.

Even if it’s the same question, if it’s just text, I can give a quick and short answer, but on the radio, the length of my answer will probably be different.

Another interesting part of the program was the section for questions and concerns.

In the past, most of the questions I received were about gender.

Of course, I think that’s natural in a sense, and I’m glad that people are interested in hearing about it.

But in the case of this program, there was no such categorization, nor was there a specific age range for the questions.

I guess this is because radio reaches a different audience than the one I usually interact with.

That’s why I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of questions and advice I’ll get.

Some of them are much older than me, some are much younger than me, and I hope to meet new people through the radio.

Let’s listen to the voice of an 18-year-old who speaks straightforward thoughts in a soft tone.

Vaguely Idegami
Born on January 20, 2003.
Born in Ama-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture.
At the age of 15, he won the “DD Self-Production Award” at the Junon Superboy Contest.
Since then, he has been active in a variety of fields, including appearing on “Matrix no Naru Hourei Saisho” (Nippon Television Network) and in the music video for “Moss” by Sakanaction.
Currently, she is active as a model mainly in fashion and beauty magazines.
In April 2009, she released her first photo essay, “normal?” (Kodansha).
She is currently a regular on NTV’s “Cho Muteki Class.

She is currently a regular contributor to NTV’s “Cho Mu Mu Class.
Broadcast on Bunka Hoso and other affiliate stations every Tuesday from 23:30 to 23:45.
He is a regular performer on the live wide program “Recomen! (Monday to Thursday, 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.).

  • Photo: Daisuke Koike Daisuke Koike

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